Caution: Third Party Offers




So as an update, I keep getting unsolicited DMs from creepy guys. I have no idea what their motive is, but if what they want is important I’d think they’d email me.


If you get creepy DM’s take a screenshot and report the buggers. They should leave you in peace!


You can read Katherine’s post regarding the creepers here-


There is a theory that the reason why most scams use such poor English that “nobody could be stupid enough to fall for that” is that the scammers are targetting people who really are that stupid. The initial contact is usually automated, and so costs next to nothing, but if a victim responds, a human has to get involved. That costs money (or time, which is the same thing). It can take quite a while to gain the victim’s trust and convince them to start handing over money. So the scammer doesn’t want victims who are stupid enough to fall for the initial pitch but smart enough to realise it’s a scam before they pay up.


I know someone who fell for it because she thought they were just illiterate soldiers. Some (snobby) women have a low opinion of men in the Military. She thought she could get over on HIM and get a free ride with a man with a fat military pension.

There are all kinds of people in this world.


I hesitate to say anyone deserves to be scammed, but some victims are definitely harder to sympathise with than others.


Please write a thinly vieled short story about this. Or a novel. However much detail this takes, I am here for it.


LOL - If I wasn’t already so busy! It was a funny story.


Oh yeah I was asking around with more people. I also just got hit up again by another two people.

But one person said that after the contract is done and you are free to publish else were they still get like 20% of the money you make and if there is a tv or movie deal they get 30% even if they aren’t involved in it what so ever. That’s a big NOPE for me.


That’s total bs. You can report the profiles to Wattpad, giving the PM screenshots as proof.


I just ignore them at this point.


You can consider reporting them, 'coz the earlier they get reported, the faster HQ knows about people like these.


If you drop me a PM on Wattpad with the Wattpad usernames I’ll happily look into it.


I just pm’d you. :slight_smile: Thanks


The earlier they get reported, then hopefully the less people will be affected by them.


haha I got the female orientated thing as well. Reported the msges already. :smile:


Christ, the least they could do was read our works before they try and scam us :joy:




yes, you’re right.

i forgot about that term too.

i think they need it because they need to format it to their site, but i’ve never seen anyone do it.

if anything, they just make you do it.

even wattpad has this term.