Caution: Third Party Offers


I’m not sure they do? (If you’re less lazy than me, can you look it up? :joy:)


Anybody know anything about Chinillo? I got an offer to write a series for the site and so far it looks legitimate (I’ve only read the faqs) but I want to see before I sign up.


Is it called anything but Chinillo? Nothing comes up when I google just that word.


I misspelled. Chanillo, apologies.


Okay, I googled them and I’m going through their ToS and their Privacy Guidelines.

Things to know:

Content Ownership & Use:
Writers retain ownership of any work published on Channillo. A writer may cancel a series and remove their work from Channillo at any time. Writers agree to let Channillo use portions, or all, of content released on Channillo as we find appropriate. Examples of use may include marketing materials, promo pages, site demonstrations, etc.

Writer Payment Distributions:
Channillo will distribute 80% of total subscription revenue (after payment processing fees) to the writers. Channillo will be responsible for all of the operating costs of the site including development, hosting, maintenance, customer service, etc.

There is a minimum payment threshold of $50.00. If earnings for a series are less than $50, the amount earned gets added to the next month’s earnings until the threshold is passed, in which case a payment will be made.

Channillo Is Not Responsible For Damages or Losses

Channillo is not responsible for any damages or losses related to your use of the Services. We do not become involved in disputes between users, and we do not endorse any work that writers publish on the Site. When you use the Services, you release Channillo from claims, damages, and demands of every kind-known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected, disclosed or undisclosed. All content you access through the Services is at your own risk.

In all honesty, I can’t see why you’d choose this over Amazon to self-publish. Or Tapas. Or Radish. Or any other site that offers pay to read services that are legit and have been verified by users. And have been around for longer than 2 years.

It doesn’t immediately look like a scam, it just looks… Unnecessary. There a bigger sites out there with bigger user bases that offers higher chances of getting paid.


Yeah, I read through it all and it didn’t strike me as terribly scammy either.

I do know there’s a 5$ Subscription fee if you want to read (authors are not exempt).

I was invited to write a series and while it sounds good, I agree it’s a little unnecessary except that I’m not good at marketing so amazon is kinda out for me (and the revenue is smaller) and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be many years before I qualify for Next (with the 8K threshold).


Yeah, but you never know. They might change that threshold, since it’s still in beta and all that.

But to be honest, if you’re not promotion savvy you’re probably gonna have a hard time no matter where you go. Unless you get super lucky and just randomly blow up.


Yeah, I’ve been sticking to Wattpad to hone much marketing skills. I have improved.

I’m also planning to traditional publish anyway, so include practicing my self promotion, I’m just also broke and busy, and horrible at planning. (Thx ADHD)

Hopefully I can take some business classes soon to help :slight_smile:


I think Wattpad is a terrific self-pub “simulator” so there’s definitely lots to be learned from here.

Also, business classes sound like a really great addition. Maybe I should look into those…


XD that could help

My main weakness is my inability to plan and for some reason I just don’t ever feel like people like me. Maybe that’s just me, though.


I think that’s just you - and I think we all go through that sometimes. I know I certainly do.


I have lots of mental health issues that mess with myself ability to keep up a happy outlook, so yeah, it’s probably just me.

It also means I sometimes just kinda disappear or stop replying until I feel better which doesn’t help self promotion.


You gotta do what’s best for you in that situation - to hell with promotion.


Yeah, it doesn’t help, though.

I’ve gotten a bit better about keeping up, though, and this week has been mostly good.


When I saw a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, the first mental bias of mine that he pointed out was, “People will dislike me because I’m different.” And when he wrote it out on a whiteboard like that, it suddenly struck me as ridiculous. It’s not like I harshly judge other people for being different from me (sometimes that’s even a positive), and since I feel pretty typical on that front, then it’s unlikely that other people judge me harshly too.

In fact, most people are inclined to like you.

That said, self-promotion can be demoralising on a purely statistical basis. Anything you can do for cheap or free, so can any other author. So it’s a lot of competition, and very hard to achieve reach beyond your family and friends.


quick research on the site, another author via reddit basically was saying its very difficult to get noticed on there (marketing aside) this site is subscription based and I have to call that into question.

  • Even though its “just $5” are the works there edited?

  • Is there any guarantee of quality at some point where a monthly subscription can be justified?

  • Will the vague term of processing fees be demystified so that authors who are supposed to be paid know what is actually being deducted? Why are you paying to post your work on this site?

i’m not saying the site is dishonest as I don’t know its reputation. but I am wary of places that are always offering “opportunities to authors” that is really about helping some other author’s revenue behind a website.


I mean, the whole “is it edited?” is not something people ask when it comes to Tapas or Radish. I don’t think readers care much if they’re paying for serial works online whether or not there are typos and stuff.

(Things are edited when they’re made premium on Tapas btw. Don’t know about Radish)

But I agree with the rest. Besides, any site that withholds funds until you reach $50 but doesn’t actually mention anywhere how many active readers they have, seems bad to me.


the $50 threshold with an unspecified amount of readers is definitely dubious. And seeing as the author I saw on reddit complained how hard it is to get reads it says a lot. Remember you have to pay to read there for everything. doesn’t Tapas have free and premium works? I think most places are like that correct me if I’m wrong.

I have a problem with unknown sites like chanillo asking for payment for everything upfront when its largely unproven. Wattpad has the largest if not one of the largest readership in comparison to other sites. Tapas and radish are also very popular. To me, these sites offer more before asking for cash. Same reason why wattpad knows they have to edit books before you can ask for payment as whether is in print or online you want to feel a sense of quality. What separates “these books” from the rest? (readership etc aside)


Tapas has both pay-to-read, wait-to-read and tipping. And completely free.

But yeah if it’s an all pay-to-read site it’s probably not gonna go far, considering how many sites offer free content alongside paid content.

Both Wattpad and Tapas also started out being completely free. So they tested the waters and then they decided to take payment. Which to me seems like a much better way than just immediately go to pay-to-read right from the getgo.


which is the problem I have with the site. Unless the can display assured quality lots of folks won’t be willing to pay. Also with subscription, unlike with wattpad and tapas you have less control over your money. Also, what percentage of that money is going to authors and what cut are they taking (after processing fees mind you) at least make it unambiguous. Make sure people can trust that you’re not fleecing them.