Caution: Third Party Offers


I was contacted by Channillo (not on Wattpad). They look interesting and I’ve read that some people have had some positive experiences with them. I’ll definitely consider it.


@AnnaAlbo I notice that you have to pay $5 dollars a month on that to publish content and they’ll only take finished stories. :astonished:

Here’s what I was looking at.


That blog is a few years old. I read a more recent one and they don’t make contributors pay the subscription fee.

I think it’s also in their FAQs that you don’t have to pay it.

I’m not sure I’ll pursue it because I’d like to hear if people have done well or not. I’m not going to sign up for any more programs that don’t state what the payout is upfront. I like a fixed amount for my work, and that’s why Next doesn’t appeal to me. The same will probably go for Channillo.


I spoke with the person who made the offer to me. She said to post content the subscription fee is not necessary but to read you do have to pay it.


Oh this is so true! There are just too many people to reach out to and only one I to do it.

People like people who are friendly towards them. So all you need to do is be polite and show interest in others (mostly by listening) and that’s all it takes for 75% of humanity.


But if your story is on their site, you’d probably want to read there anyway - just to get a feel of what the demographics are and what is doing well there and so forth.


@AnnaAlbo I think you have to be a bit of a gambler with writing. :grin::grin: You never know what will sell well.


True, I think you can access your own story without paying, though.


That’s not much good. Half the fun of writing online is seeing what others are doing. :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


I’ve gambled enough and learned many lessons. If I don’t know the parameters, if they aren’t clearly stated, I’m walking away.

But that’s just me. Others can gamble away.


Agreed. Plus, as much as I’d love to be supported for my writing, I’m still focusing on traditional publishing.


And you’re not the only author to reach those people. How do you stand out from the other advertisement and competition?


So far I have tried to write things that are fresh and different. Since that hasn’t worked, I’m concentrating on editing Mom’s short stories and making them as regional as possible.