changing real incidences into something which fits your story better than it self is it okay?



so i am writing this plot where this one psychopath needs revenge from american agencies and army cause in world war 1 he lost his whole family. even when he offered them his loyality and faith but they refused. so now he is behind on one of the agent’s daughter to get back his revenge. that girl have the key to america’s all secret co operations and intelligence. her dad was a agent and he was one of those responsible for his family’s death.

so is this fine ?
i also need suggestions cause i think i am not sure to put this plot in my novel but i want advises from you all if it is a that weird and do rate this from a scale of 1 to 10 how bad is this

thanks your help is really appreciated.


As in taking real life history and twisting it for your story?

Happens all the time in movies. Look at Marvel.

I don’t think an idea can really be rated. Even the most overdone plots can turn into something incredible. It’s all about how the story is executed.


Of course it is! What I’m guessing you’re saying is that you either saw this on the news or something or seen this in your own life, but you want to change it a little to make it easier to write. And that’s totally okay! It happens all the time, many books are inspired by true-life events, but sometimes the writer doesn’t have enough information to go off or needs to puzzle together their own ending, because there isn’t an ending yet. Whatever you want to change, if it’s better for your story, do it.

Many nonfictions aren’t even totally truthful. There are always things added to make it more dramatic. Take the Titanic for example: there wasn’t actually a tragic love story on that boat - and if there was, no one had documented it. The love story part of Titanic is entirely made up to make the film more eventful and it was a success, something that wouldn’t have happened if they’d just shown a sinking ship. It’s not as spectacular.

So, yes, you can.


thank you so much like i too have seen it but still i didn’t wanted to offend people because world war is really a big and sensitive topic.

really thanks. i will continue now :slight_smile:


thanks olivia i really appreciate your help. i can continue my novel now.


It’s called “alternative history” and a LOT of fiction operates with that, especially the steampunk genre. The most known example is probably the videogame series “Wolfenstein” which works with the idea of nazis winning the WW2. So I don’t really see a problem with that :slight_smile:


guess its totally fine if i change the reason of world war two and use it
thanks mocking jay
btw i liked your name lol


Thanks :grin: I made it up when I made an acc some years ago, it’s referencing Linkin Park and Hunger Games, my main fandoms at that time.


lol thats really cool.
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If you’re talking about taking a historical event and making it really different, Braveheart did it. It happens all the time


Thanks shannii​:heart::heart::heart:


It’s a question of plausibility. If you change history, you gotta ask the question “okay, but could this have happened under the rules of the world I’m building?” Like, if you have superheroes, it makes sense that the World Wars would have gone differently, because why would they have done nothing? Or if you have some steampunk-technology, again it makes sense that the events would have gone differently, because why wouldn’t they have …

Why some random daughter of an agent would have (what exactly? A military cipher?) is a bit more of a dubious question though ^^;


That is because her dad was part of that deal so that man will take his revenge from every person who is anyhow related to his loss. Like i said he is a psycho path.
He wants his revenge and my female character is in the middle so…yeah random daughter of some agent it is


All that psycho path wants is revenge from america and all those involved in that deal.
So he will take the girl down first and then the agencies.
Its about saving and surviving
doest it make it clear?
Sounds clear now?


No. My issue is not why the guy wants to kill the girl (as you say, he’s a psychopath, so for all I know it makes no sense), my issue is that

this seems weird. What is this “key” supposed to be and why does the girl have it?


Okay so that is because her dad was the last one to survive after world war.

He died
And now the only person who can take care of it is his daughter. But the girl doesn’t know but this “key” is there with her.


Didn’t Philip K. Dick made that ‘Nazi winning WWII’ thing long before games were even a thing?

And yes, I love alternative history. What if stories and butterfly effect small changes in history could cause later on. Just work on it and see how it turns out. Any idea can be turned into something good.


Yeah i am very sure this plot is going to be awesome but again i don’t wanna offend people so here i am lol