Chapter/Scenes You Hated But Your Readers Loved

This is like the opposite of “killing your darlings”.

There’s a certain chapter of my story I really dislike, I think it’s cheesy, yet, people have never pointed anything negative about it, ON THE CONTRARY, everyone has always praised it and given positive feedback. Not a single person disliked it…

This makes me think about how many chapters I’ve discarded thinking they sucked, but people could’ve liked…

So, I wanna know: Have you ever written a chapter/scene/character you disliked but readers loved? How did you feel about it? Would you still change/delete it even after receiving positive feedback?

I, myself, left it untouched, but I still give it a sidelong glance once in a while…



Hmm I don’t think there’s anything I truly hate in my trilogy, but I was super surprised by how emotionally attached my readers became to a minor character. When I killed her off (and was a bit worried her goodbye was too cheesy), people were crying and upset and cursing at me for making them feel things. :joy: Made a big splash there lol.


OMGG me, when one my recent reader started liking two minor characters and kept commenting about them every chapter. I was like you really like them that much? lmao


This hasn’t happened to me yet, but I can imagine it must be tough to create a character you know will die and then seeing people getting attached to him/her. Way to crush people’s dreams D:

Now, I’m worried about killing some minor characters… even though 90% of them die…

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Yeah I kill lots of minor characters, so at this point my readers have lost all trust in me and are completely paranoid :joy::skull_and_crossbones:.

There’s a major death in the current book, and I’m scared for their reactions tbh. The death has been planned since the very beginning, but they’re way more attached to the character than I anticipated, and I know they’re gonna lose it. :sweat_smile:


Haha I know!! It’s funny how certain characters resonate with different people :joy:


true!!! One of my favorite character so far no one seems to care about them but I guess that’s good for when I plan to kill them they won’t be attached but I like having my readers surprised and upset in the comments.


:joy::joy::joy: me too tbh. I like to torture them with angst.

Deaths are a bit harder on the soul, though. :sob:

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they really are, sometimes I cry while writing them unless its like the villain or character who’s only caused pain.

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I’m going through something similar right now. I “killed” a major character, but he’s not dead.. Now, I’m craving to release my next chapter so my readers know the truth… but I gotta edit that chapter thoughtfully first…

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I’ve had the opposite, where I loved a character, but they came off as unlikable to the reader.

I did have an entire book that I was really proud of at the time, but later saw it as extremely flawed and someone glamorizing toxic relationships (completely unintentional). While some hated it, others also loved it, but I took it down because I no longer wanted people to see how flawed my writing was and think the behavior between the couple was okay.


A few weeks ago, I published a chapter that takes place entirely inside my MC’s head. I felt pretty insecure about it at first (it was sort of an experiment) but my readers loved it! I got various compliments about it and one of them even told me that it was their favorite chapter so far. :blush:

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Ah, loving a character that people hate… That’s too common for me too. I guess I’m better at writing horrible characters than likable ones :sob:

Also, if I were you, I would’ve never taken it down. It’s a testimony of you growing as a writer, but I can understand your reasoning behind such a decision.

Any action scene I do.

Reader: Whoa, that was great, so tense and well-paced!

Me: Wait . . . what?

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That’s great! Glad your experiment paid off~

I’m going through something similar, honestly, I’m feeling insecure about my next chapters because they might look like I forced a plot twist, even though it’s part of the nature of my characters (different race who can survive things no human could).

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Tfw you are your worst enemy :,)

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I took it down two years ago and am pretty happy with my decision. I had it up at the same time as my other book, but I found when new reader’s clicked on that book first, I was disappointed and worried they’d judge my writing based on the first book they clicked on.

While it does show how much I’ve grown as a writer, I’m reminded of that fact when people compliment me on things that used to be my weaknesses. The books I have available are one’s I feel confident being judged on.

I had a lot of reader’s who didn’t continue reading other books I had available after reading that one. With it down, most of my new reader’s will binge read my books one after the other.

A lot of people to keep their earlier work up, but I definitely made the right decision in taking mine down.


50% of writing is waiting for the scene where the reader affirms your feelings that you’re secretly a fraud masquerading as a “real writer.” :sweat_smile:

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Understandably, one must do what one feels is right, despite other people’s opinions.

Now, I wonder if I’d ever end up doing the same as you… I couldn’t think of erasing my first ever story, but who knows…