Character Aesthetics - Opinion?

Recently I’ve started trying my hand at making character aesthetics, and I’m kind of a hopeless mess at it. Just wondering if you could look at these two character aesthetics I made and see what you think. Thank you for your time!



They’re cute! I don’t have the patience to make these, lol, but they’re fun to look at.

The first one feels very retro and soft boi-esque. Maybe a quiet, gentle character who likes the outdoors and reading? I don’t get the broken glass-ness of the quote, but maybe it’s meant to be subtle.

The other one feels warm and happy. Sunny, in a word. Probably a teenager hipster type who thinks she’s cooler than she is. Very confident.

Did I guess right? XD

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Yes, you did, thanks for looking at these! Do you think formatting and everything looks ok?

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Yeah! They look great :slight_smile: My only comment would be that the left picture on the top one–that white bar across the window on the top of it looks like it’s cutting the greenhouse picture into an upper quarter, lower three quarters, since you’re using white borders everywhere.

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I see what you mean, thanks for noticing!

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I think these are very nice. I like how you picked images that are about the same colouration/hue. Often I see people randomly combining pictures but I think you have to pick ones that actually go together for a collage that’s satisfying to look at.

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Thank you! I agree that colors and hues are very important when it comes to character aesthetics.