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accepted*please do not steal this coding


Payment (half) complete since I’m already following you (I still have to do the drawing part, but that isn’t done until after you deliver it so…)


ooh I didn’t know sry o-o


It’s fine LMAO


Digital (full color)

Character Name & Age: Kai Takeuchi, 18 years old

Body & Features:

  • Slight and lean build, not athletic-looking but not skinny. Still seems a bit bony. Approximately 5’8".
  • Asian, specifically of Japanese descent
  • Black, shoulder-length hair often tied back like this
  • Relatively attractive
  • Brown eyes. Has a slightly pinked, raggedy scar that extends down from the end of his left eyebrow and down to his cheek. It’s fully healed and pretty faded, but still noticeable. I guess it looks something a bit like this ?
  • Fashion sense is pretty simple. Kai prefers neutral tones, and likes whites, greys, and dark colors eg. navy. He’d wear something like this . He doesn’t like hoodies
  • Kai is a paraplegic and uses a non-motorized wheelchair.

Significant Personality Words: Patient, responsible, thoughtful

Full or half body: Full body

Pose: this pose, but with the hands placed like this ? Or if you can with him reading a book like this .

What I plan to use the art for: I’d place it in my book to give people a better idea of Kai’s appearance.


accepted*please do not steal this coding


First half of payment (a follow) completed!


@Vexful any changes you might want to his appearance before I start on the lineart cleanup?


Do you have any specific ideas for the outfit?

Does she have wavy hair, curly hair, or frizzly hair? What color are her skin and hair?


A tattered blue princess gown and a tiara would be preferred. She has brown wavy hair. She is pale with blue undertones


He’s looking great!!!


btw Brazilian people usually have tan skin with red/orangey/yellow undertones and dark hair unless they dyed it and never go out in the sun or they aren’t pure Brazilian, am pretty sure


no changes at all?

you should really suggest them now—I don’t want to complete something with details that are much less accurate than they could’ve otherwise as easily been c:


Perhaps the tattoos going down the stomach a little more and longer hair /bigger bun? Besides that it really does look great and I honestly can’t find any complaints :joy:


She isn’t 100% Brazllian that’s just the thing sh has most in her (Slight ly less than 50%) She also has some European roots as well as some aisan roots


What kind of bodysuit exactly? (I see a lot of pics of leather body suits that I think might not be suitable…)

Also, approximately, how big is her bust?


I’d say it looks pretty good for something I drew without a reference ouo


Hi, sorry for the late reply. I don’t get a chance to hop on here during exams. :sweat_smile: I would say she’s a B cup at most.

So for the suit, I imagine it’s made out of leather. It’s neck to feet so a full bodied one with high boots and gloves that go to her elbows. It has a chest-plate, which I imagine looks something like this but without the chunky bit at the end, but the material looks more like scales (if that makes sense)

I hope that helps, or that I’ve cleared it up somewhat for you. Feel free to prod me anyways if not.


If that;s my girl, she looks fabulous already.


are the scales a bit like this?