△│character art - closed permanently


Yes, they do. Thank you :sparkles:


Oooooh I saw the progress pic AND HE IS LOOKING SO GOOD. Like literally, so beautiful. You pulled off his pose and the hair and just his overall vibe sooooo well!

Small note, he actually had lavender eyes, and I’d love if you could change that! Also if you could make him slightly more bronzed and tanned (he’s half Egyptian and takes after his mother on her bronzey glowey skin!)

But ummm ya besides that I literally have nothing to say, he’s looking so beautiful :sob:


Ah I could’ve sworn I read pale skin and brown eyes o-o

or maybe i’m just confusing it with another request I read…


@_Stars-Aligned @Vexful @salemkeating

Hi guys~
I’ve currently found myself facing technical difficulties that will greatly inhibit the amount of time I get to draw and so the drawings would take a much longer time than I originally projected. The style I’ve been trying out (kinda realistic with barely any or no outline) that you guys probably expect from me have proven to also be much more time consuming than I originally thought it would be. It’s amazing how much outlines save so much of the shading work.

I’ve kinda also been forcing myself to draw the whole time I’ve been running this thread. I constantly pressure myself to finish things quicker, at the expense of not being able to spend more time on other things I need to do like academics. I’ve also taken it upon myself to finally write a book I’ve been meaning to write in the shared account I’m in.

So basically, I’ve given up on trying to complete you guys’ requests, sorry >.<

@_Stars-Aligned and @salemkeating, you guys are allowed to withdraw your payment if you wish to.

@Vexful I can upload what I have of your request onto google drive (I can save it in both psd and png format - psd is pretty versatile; it can be opened on clip studio paint and krita as well with all of the layer information) and you can maybe try your hand at completeing it cx

@saoigreen I have your drawing and I’ve been meaning to upload it but I keep forgetting to take a picture while the lighting is still good during daytime o.o

I will upload soon dw c:

And I will be closing this thread permanently - I drew a lot of things that I would never attempt and I did improve a lot, I think, while doing so. I think I can safely say that I don’t regret doing this. Thank-you, guys, for requesting on my thread, and again, sorry for the inconveniences.


You can just send me the image here if you don’t mind? I really love what you did with it, thank you so much for your work on Aila and Huxley!! :blush::blush: good luck on your book!


Thank you - no worries as well. Post it when you can,


Thanks for letting me know! I totally understand that it can be really hard to find inspiration and muse when you’re pushing yourself to do something creative. I hope the technical difficulties resolve soon and wish you the best on your academics and writing!


@_Stars-Aligned btw I can get you those covers if you still want them - the person who was using them got new ones pretty recently


Yes pls


The alignment of her head looks super weird but I didn’t know how to fix it >.<


are the titles and stuff still the same?




Oh mo Dhia, she is so pretty. I love it so much, thank you.


here you go c:

I changed the font for the title. Hope you don’t mind…

Beautiful%20Innocence Fear%20of%20Innocence Her%20Tainted%20Innocence I'm%20Not%20Innocent 'Til%20Proven%20Innocent


@Vexful I uploaded them into the drive anyway so that you can have the files - feel free to do whatever you would like to do with them.


this is the reference I used for the tarot cards:

please try to complete the drawing ouo


Please leave some kind of thing that’ll send me a notif if you’ve seen them.




@_Stars-Aligned btw please do tell me if you end up not using those covers after all.


OK. I’ll be using them. The first one will be up soon since I’m finishing up some of my books so I’ll be able to write more