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Yes! She should be nude if that’s okay. Goes with the whole mermaid thing! But you can cover everything just like in that picture because I don’t want it to be raunchy or NSFW or anything like that !


Oh THANK you!


brb I’ll go through other incoming requests later


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Name: Lili
Body Build: she is short with toned muscles. She has a bit of a tan, but she is naturally white. She has hazel eyes, long blonde super curly hair. She is fit. She wears a white tank top with black leggings and black combat boots. She also wears a belt with a dagger in it.
Three words: fierce, stubborn, distrusting
Full body
Pose: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/blond-young-girl-holding-old-dagger-25366432


Name: Jiyu Rose

body build: She has petite frame. Clothings: her clothings is an oversized robe, kinda like a Chinese Hanfu. It’s colour is red. Physical traits: She has midnight black hair which receded down just below her shoulder. Hair style. Although she is known to have a more adorable and delicate features than beautiful and glamorous, she always wear a determined look. Inspo

Half is fine :slight_smile:

Personality: determined, ambitious and firm.

Pose: Pose

Omg I was writing this request since 20 mins ago and didn’t know I posted this when you already marked this thread closed for catch up. I don’t mind you ignoring this, and I’ll request again when it’s open.


Do you know when you will open again?


SO excited for this. Thank you!


Its kinda open but the queue is getting quite long and I thought people wouldn’t like to wait too much. I also figured there would be too many requests to go through when I come back if I left it open, considering the number of requests I received as soon as I created this.

You can still request though, if you want.


I’ll check out your form later when I’m really free later. No need to make another request c:


This is very kind of you, thank you so much. I definitely don’t mind waiting!


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accepted*please do not steal this coding


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DELIVERY [now withdrawn]

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I give up o-o


I. LOVE. HER. SOOOOOO MUCH!!! Thank you soooo much! :slight_smile:


I’m going to close this thread when I go offline so people who are planning to request should request now.