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If there are anyone…

You have around 20 minutes starting now.


Character Name: Dmitri Belyonavichi
Body build: Inverted triangle, ectomorphic, y’all, broad shoulders, small hips. Toned muscles, not too bulging.
Personality: Oblivious, happy-go-lucky, goofy
Pose: Any— maybe something like his hands on his hips while grinning.


image image

Note: He gets pretty hard to draw to some artists, feel free to just do a headshot if you want!


Accidentally pressed enter rip—


Did you mean to post this elsewhere or…?



I had to edit stuff in, I came to ask for a request!

Or art trade— dunno if you’d want that though, haha.


ooh did you draw those?

It would be an unfair art trade though; I’m only offering sketches atm >~<

btw pls pick a pose - it’s there in the form because it’s hard for me to decide on one on my own cx


character name: koda
body build: lean/slender with tight muscles (not over bulging, something like this), with semi-curly hair like this (some strands hanging down), sharp/gleaming eyes, a high nose bridge with prominent cheekbones, and a smirk hanging on his lips. a shit ton of ear piercings, some with chains and some dangling crosses, nose & lip piercing, right eyebrow pierced. long and pointed eyebrows, long eyelashes, a very attractive man with beautiful features, and he knows it. outfit can be a tanktop with tight jeans of authentic clothing brands, or any trendy-looking wear.
three words to describe their personality: playful, confident, outgoing
half or *full body: any is fine with me :rascal:
pose: any casual position, maybe something like this


Indeed, I do draw!



I added more info on the thing! I can’t decide much in a pose either so I just came up with the most simple. :joy:


accepted c:*please do not steal this coding


accepted c;*please do not steal this coding


Thank you~! :heart:


they look great :o

what app and device do you use?


Thank you!

I use PC and SAI. At certain days, I use mouse, certain days I use my tablet. Really depends on the mood. :’D


thank you! :wheart: your art is seriously so pretty


I didn’t know it was possible to draw like that with a mouse >.<

Ah… SAI is a paid software so I end up using Krita and the CSP with a 2 year license that came with a tablet. I find that csp is probably only most useful for manga artists though…

Anyways, I’ll try my best to draw that character. Thanks for requesting~


Curve tools are my bestfriend. :joy:

I mostly do the mouse stuff when I draw chibis like these:


Other than that, it’s usually harder to do so, haha.




*please do not steal this coding


Could you do two of my characters? If you have time :smile:

  1. character name: Sahara

  2. body build: “…Crimson hair, as red as the dying fire, brushed down the middle of her back…her eyes, the dove-grey usually soft and compassionate no matter her mood…She wasn’t very tall, and she was rather slender after a near starvation back years ago…It was a massive scar, puckered and jagged and colored a dark unhealthy red. Four uneven lines started just below her left eye, cutting over her cheek and arching down her throat before stopping just above the skin of her breast. There was another line that veered off widely to the side below her jaw, following the curve of her shoulder and ending an inch up her hand; this line was more jagged than the other four, almost looping around her elbow at that particular point, several smaller ‘branches’ extending outwards on her skin…”
    “…she wore a dark red shirt that was snug around her arms while looser around her torso in a flattering manner. Rich black pants hugged her body in a way that showed any curves to her legs she might have. Black boots made of some sturdy material she didn’t recognize were on her feet, clean and new. A beautiful cloak, the color of the darkest, reddest rose, was fastened around her neck. It draped around her shoulders and fell just above her ankles, with a hood that lay against her back…”

  3. three words to describe their personality: Kind, quiet, brave

  4. half or full body: Full body

  5. pose: You’re the artist, you decide! :smile:

  6. character name: Donovan Saisho

  7. body build: “…He was taller than she was, by some extent; the top of her head barely made it past his chin. His skin was a light bronze, his jaw strong and face angular, but not in a severe fashion. He had dark brown, almost black hair that curled only just; it was styled naturally, thinner around the sides while thicker on the top and in back. His eyes, though, were the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen. Their color was dark, a rich brown, but they had a strange sort of blue to them, creating deep pools of intensity and softness…”
    “…His shirt was a pristine white and his black pants were tucked neatly into his boots, which were quite clean considering he had been out who knows where. His coat was a deep black, long sleeved, made of some sturdy material that came down nearly to his feet. A belt was slung around his waist, two swords in their sheathes hanging at his hips. He was quite fearsome looking…”

  8. three words to describe their personality: Brave, kind, stoic

  9. half or full body: Full body

  10. pose: Whatever works with your drawing! :smile:

Feel free to check out my book if my characters sound interesting :joy:


please pick the poses - its there in the form because I can’t decide on my own ^^

I’ll add you into the que later when I’m free.


Can you just do standing poses? Nothing too fancy :joy: