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link to a picture, please.




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In case you didn’t realize—I’m doing these in pencil and paper so they will be in grayscale unless I feel like adding color.


Oh my gosh he’s exactly like I imagined him! Thank you so much so cute!!!




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Please re-read the last section this post — I’ve added another thing. It is okay if you don’t accept the condition since I accepted these requests before I added it. I’ll still make the drawings either way but I’ll be really greatful if you do accept it >.<

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Thank you so much! She’s adrable ahwhhh!


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I just realized what happened to the link o-o


I’m cool with that :lumi:




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Thank you! I do love her. You did ask for some constructive feedback so I’ll do my best haha.

I honestly don’t have anything I can say about it, other than maybe the angle she’s drawn in looks odd. I think she would’ve looked better (while playing with the dagger) while facing forward more. But I still really love it and thank you again.

I apologize for the feedback. I’m not great at it.




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It’s so cute! I love it. I don’t like giving critiques because I have 0 talent and thus I think it’s unfair to give critiques, but maybe I would have sharpened the cheekbones a little more? But it’s truly beautiful and I love it very very much, thank you again!




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Thank you so much!! She’s so pretty, your style is very appeasing. :heart: There’s nothing I can critique your art about. I guess the only thing would be to use better paper and pencil to give more refined lines to your drawing (though since you’re doing this for free, the quality is considered brilliant). This is just amazing! Thanks again, I’ll treasure her~




I think I might have ruined his character, sorry o-o

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Both in one picture or separately btw?


It’s great! Thank you very much!

  1. Name: Christopher Addison (Kit) Age: 21
  2. Body build: he has some freckles, dark blue eyes, and a slightly tan complexion. He’s average sized, not too big and not too small.
  3. Stubborn, loyal, questioning
  4. Half body
    5: Pose: similar to this? It’s also a reference picture.

I couldn’t get it to link I’m sorry ):



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