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thank you!




Separately would be fine :smile:


Is it okay if they’re together?


That’s completely fine! :smile:




Ah, well. I guess I’ll just close this thread when I run out of requests and then just practice on my own…

  1. character name Aila Vex (same character as before, but different pose/outfit?)
  2. body build outfit except dress can be no pattern + adding choker!
  3. three words to describe their personality
  4. half or full body full body ish
  5. pose (link to a picture) plooop I thought this would be cool! Perhaps holding a skull or a heart or something of the sort?


accepted*please do not steal this coding




ehh I guess I’ll just close it

I need to practice backgrounds anyway.


The color schemes are all messed up now ;-;


why, wattpad, whaaaaiii ; n ;


The red is killing my eyes T-T


Is it okay if your character looks a bit like zayn malik?

(I didn’t use him for reference but it ended up looking like him for somehow.)


that’s cool with me haha :yeti:
also ikr why red




who knew that perfect golden ratio + high cheekbones and nose + long lashes = zayn malik

*please do not steal this coding


Name: Edward Starborn
Age:17 1/2 years old
Build: A bit of muscle but a huge amount. He mostly works on his abs then his arms.
He is around 5’7 , Shortest in his siblings (who are all around 5’11-6ft).He has a tan body and dark black hair with beautiful lavender eyes. He wears a simple grey shirt with a leather vest with a dragon on the back. His hair is long allowing him to put it up into ponytails and buns. Edward is the son of Saragoth’s mafia boss leader John Starborn.
Personality: Flirty, Badass, Protective.
Half body
Pose: Holding a gun in one hand while holding a phone to one ear with a flirty look on his face.
Note he has different color eyes meaning his left one is Lavender while the other is blue.
Thank you in advance if you decide to draw him!
( you can do paper and pencil sketch or full color I don’t mind either and I’m writing this on my phone so I can’t add photo links sorry but I’ll add some when I’m on my laptop)


Your character looks interesting to draw so I don’t mind doing full color but doing colored means it’ll take a lot longer. And even longer depending on what style you want it to be (realistic takes longer than anime or cartoon style - a picture generally take a day or two if I can draw the whole day but I currently can only squeeze in 2 hours maximum day into my schedule which means it might take months to complete).

How do you want it?


You can decide because I don’t mind either, whatever works for you works for me! I would never want to stress a fellow artist and creator out.