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I finally learned how to shade with hard brushes ;u;


I think I’ll leave it out. Now that I think about it, it won’t make a difference (:


I’m back!


Ummm oh my gosh, I wasn’t expecting to get this in color but I am PLEASENTLY SUPRISED??? HOLY HECK, THANK YOU!!!


That’s so goooood


You mean the thing I posted for vexful?

It took hours and hours of drawing and redrawing and dozens of layers of redraws to finally get that in the end and I’m still not satisfied with it.

I guess realism isn’t my cup of tea, at least for now.

btw is your pfp from zepeto?


Howwww? Almost brought tears to my eyes, you managed to capture her SO WELL :joy:


I absolutely love what you did with Vexful’s and would love it if you got the time to do it with Charles. Ummm also that’s a whole lot of work, so if you require any kind of payment, let a girl know!

  1. Neely Lynch and 20

  2. Irish. Pale skin, freckles across her nose. Shoulder length, fine, white blond hair. Blue-green eyes. Sharp nose, wide mouth. She is 5’3 at the tallest, narrow shoulders and wide hips. She is on the skinny side, but is toned (relevant to her struggles in the book) She always ties her hair back from her face, or braids it in some way because she is a Dragon Rider. On her right arm, there is a tattoo that runs from her inner elbow to her palm (tip of tail at the inside of her elbow, head of dragon at her palm) which is black in color.
    She has a special kind of power, she controls shadows so basically there are always tendrils of shadows curling around her wrists and ankles like moving bands.

  3. Control freak, protective, bad-ass.

  4. Half-body please.

  5. pose (link to a picture)
    Basically the pose, or something similiar. However she wears solely a bodysuit of black leather with a blue at the breastbone.

Any questions and I’ll be happy to answer. Thank you in advance if you chose to draw her. :sparkles:

(I’ll only be doing small paper and pencil sketches and delivering pictures of them taken with my phone for now. I can also do colored digital but they take too much of the time that I already don’t have enough of.)


I think it’ll take a while to get to you, sorry, especially since I’ve just been overloaded with assignments to write recently. (one with 3500 words, and another with 2500, drafts due towards the end of this month both of which I haven’t started on another of 1500 to correct, due within next week. I cri ;-:wink:

I’m also testing out painting black and white to add color in the end on that most recent digital art request in the few moments of free time I am able to scrape up. Although this means yours will be pushed back quite a bit, it does mean, I will have gotten a lot better at picking and balancing different values by the time I start on your picture.


accepted*please do not steal this coding

I think I’ll only be able to get to you next month though, sorry.


That’s fine. Take your time.:sparkles: Thank you for accepting me




*please do not steal this coding

Quick rant here:

I know how messy and sketchy this looks especially because I haven’t really cleaned up the lines properly, and partly because I used a scanner this time, but it annoyed me so much to be forced to read through those long details every time I wanted to find as small feature. And that ‘check out my book if you have time’ part.

As I have stated again and again, I DO NOT have time. Honestly. Are you advertising your book here or asking for a drawing? Had you only also added the title in there, I could’ve flagged the post and get it removed. I’ll advise you to not do it again elsewhere.


And finally I can remove the name from the queue… good riddance.


but yay I finally have access to a scanner ouo

it’s so much easier to just scan and crop it than wait for a good lighting to take a pic


I really like the drawing! You really captured my characters well :smile:

I also wasn’t advertising my book here, I was really asking for a drawing. I’m sorry if you thought differently :confused:


That’s totally fine! Get to it when you can, these requests are all about you honing your craft and improving your skills, so if you don’t have the time to get it, I totally get it!

Also that user above literally drops that “check out my book if you think it sounds interesting anywhere and everywhere. Annoying and obnoxious, and you’re a better person than I for completing said request :confused:


It’s really good though! And yeah


btw is it okay if I draw another pose?

If so, can you find pictures of poses that you would prefer that includes movement?