△│character art - closed permanently


Heck ya, whatever pose you want to do! In my mind I see him sort of “strutting” forward with his hand’s in his pockets or fixing his tie, or maybe holding a glass of bourbon up?
Something like one of the ones below maybe?

Did any of those help? I can keep looking if you need me to :slight_smile:


nah I can see your preferences from that

I’ll probably end up drawing a pose I made up


Completely fine with me :slight_smile:


Chinese dragon or normal dragon?


wattpadwriters is finally back u.u


Chinese dragon


colored or somewhat like this?


Some what like that


@RavenGlimmer can you remove me from the next round?

I feel like I just tend to offend people wherever I go since I don’t know how to compliment people so I defo cannot survive in a place where I’m required to. (Even if I think something is gorgeous, I usually don’t say it is, especially if someone else already commented as such and I figure it’s obvious anyway. I don’t know how to act when I’m complimented either, especially since people tend to expect one in return when they have and having that in my conscience discourages me to really do so. idk its just my thing that no one else has to understand - I also have problems with this irl, escalated by my bluntness and the fact that my environment, in contrast is so conservative and do not usually say things they really think unlike me)

Even if people don’t hate me now, I feel like it’s only a matter of time before they do so I want to preserve myself for as long as I can.

Sorry for the unnecessary hassle.


Its funny cuz I also get anxious when I think I’ve offended someone and it gets me to my depression phase faster. I don’t understand myself why I bother being honest when I already know it doesn’t do me any good.


I shouldn’t start ranting here…


now I want to close this thread permanently as well ;-;


but that would be an over overreaction and I’d become a hardcore hypocrite


lol I guess I should take a break from this, at least until I’ve finished the assignments


@astrxphoria I HOPE YOU DON’T MEAN ME :open_mouth: Your comments were so very helpful and appreciated (I actually just finished looking at all the free articles on Paintable!), and if I came across as anything but I’m REALLY sorry!


nah it’s mostly me

I know I’ll really offend someone eventually


and the thought bothers me more than it should


If you really want me to I can take you out of it, but I’d rather not :confused: You’re so talented and I’ve actually really enjoyed your presence on the thread. For sake of mental health though if you really don’t want to be involved anymore I understand


I’ll let you know when I change my mind and want to be added back later ^^

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