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sorry for the very very late delivery >.<
(that thing at his back is supposed to be a bundle of flowers btw if that wasn’t obvious enough)



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It’s okay! I love it thank you :heart_eyes:



the first part was already there when you requested


I know; I didn’t get a chance to do it then. I’ll do it in just a second


Honestly, I have no complaints about my sketch. It’s very good, and I like how you grabbed a part of his personality from what I said. I love the added bit of flowers.

The only thing I can think of needing improvement is possibly reshading / a different way to shade the hair. It looks a bit awkward, but for a sketch I like it.


@Ember_Gunns me trying to complete your req^


Those are really pretty!


the first three are scrapped now and I’m trying to work on the last one c:






My art style is rapidly changing these days so she doesn’t look anything like the first drawing, sorry >.<

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She? o.o am guessing you created that character on the spot c’:





1. character name and age Huxley Qui Carson // 21
2. details Huxley is of half Asian and Egyptian Descent, with long brown hair that he usually wears in a loose man bun, with some pieces fraying out. He has violet-lavender purple eyes and elegant warrior metallic silver swirling tattoo’s covering his body, that stop right below his neck.

When it comes to outfit’s, Huxley can always be found shirtless, showing off his tattoo’s proudly. For bottoms, he will wear stretchy black yoga/Harlem pants that look a little more militarised like this.
3. three most significant words to describe their personality Spiritual, serene, calm, I haven’t figured out his personality type but he’s for sure a hufflepuff with a very sweet and caring personality.
4. half or full body whatever you’re up for doing
5. pose (link to a picture) 1 // 2 // 3 // The Tempereance tarot card is very important to him and his character, so if you choose to use a card or show one, that would be a good one :slight_smile:
6. what you plan to use the art for character reference + story !

7. Art style preferred(link to pic) digital is preferred just because you did Aila suchhh justice last time


(full color)
(grayscale pencil sketch)

  1. Alexa is 17
  2. body build Hourglass figure She is considered the most beautiful person in their town. She is Brazilian.
  3. three most significant words to describe their personality Flirty, Sarcastic and outgoing
  4. half or full body
  5. pose 1 2 or 3
  6. what you plan to use the art for In my story for readers to see


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