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Hello! I’m an artist who is down on commissions…so I figured I’d offer some free character art.


sample one


sample two

all you have tp do is follow me and read my stories(bit undiscovered lol)


Bruh, you’re a good artist. Do you have a form?


Heya! I’d like a commission. What story do you want read or are there a few?


No I do not I work better off of rough character descriptions.

@NicGiollaBhuidhe2 You can choose!


is it okay if I pm you the descriptions?




Here goes! I hope I can describe her well.

Name: Nite
Age: 19
Ethnicity: Middle Eastern
Description: Nite has long black hair, which would look nice if she bothered to brush it. It goes down to just below her chest and is fairly thick. Her skin tone is between Umber and Amber (skin chart below). She has close set almond-shaped eyes that are greenish-brown. She has a snub nose and thin, weak lips that are pale. She’s sort of a middle ages peasant girl, so her shirt resembles the one below.
She’s usually pretty dirty, with dirt on her face. She’s friendly and amicable, and always looks exhausted.

If I need to describe anything in better detail, let me know!


i’ll see what i can do


You’re under no obligation to do this. I’m not paying you, so I won’t be mad if you have to decline. You’re doing me a huge favor.


Holy crap you draw things good. Bookmarked!

Maybe I’ll request something later…


Hello, I would LOVE for you to draw my main character. I’ve found celebrity representations of all my other characters but I just can’t seem to find anything for her. I have some descriptions but also pictures of here imagined family members, would that be okay? I would definitely follow and read!


If you message me I will see what I can do. I’m having a busy weekend which is usually the best time for commissions. It might take awhile.


hi could you make some art for me


Would this suffice? :’D

image image

An unfinished one, haha


Get me a description and I will see what I can do


I have a lot of trouble going off of reference images I’m afraid


it’s for my oc his name is shadowy and could he be part dragon



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Name: Jason Miller

Gender: Male

Hair color/hairstyle: Short curly black hair

Skin tone: honey

Eye color: dark brown

Body build: thin

Outfit style: White sweatshirt that says Honey on it, ripped jeans, white shoes

Color scheme: white, brown, blue, red

References Dont have to use General Look outfit


I love your art and would love a character commission for my two love doves Evie and Kyren (Ren for short) If I could get them in a couple pose ? I will pay ! They are star-crossed lovers that have journeyed through dimensions and time to find one another again. Please PM me if you have any further questions ! :slight_smile:


Name: Kyren (Ren) He’s a God doesnt have a last name but goes by the handle
Kill Joy on earth.

Gender: Male (non-human)

Hair color/hairstyle: Short Dark (he died it he’s a natural blonde with hair like Thor XD) Close Crop to face ( like Chris Pratt or Thor when he cut it XD) Figured it’s easier to use actor analogies.

Skin tone: Tan

Eye color: Green

Body build: Muscular, leith

Outfit style: Black long coat. fitted dark jeans and fitted jacket (cop/ hitman look)

Color scheme: black and white

Name: Evie Cross (Real name Zi’ya Goddess of Chaos)

Gender: Female (Non human)

Hair color/hairstyle: Very long, Dark Brown wavy. Often worn in a half up do or ponytail for convenience.

Skin tone: PALE !

Eye color: Dark Blue

Body build: Muscular, curvy, lean like a panther (think Scarlett Johansson , black widow)

Outfit style: Black jeans white T as comfy clothes (assassin fitted bullet vest suit with clips and pockets on leggings. Also wears tight mini dresses to parties !

Color scheme: black and white