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Hello, I’m a small artist who is open to commissions pieces. I’m just trying to get my art style out there so I’m going to these for free. The only payment I ask is that you read my book Lavender eyes.
Personality(around 4 sentences):
Looks(pictures would help as well):
Anything else:


Do you want people to comment on the book so you know they read it? I’ll be feeling this out in a minute.

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Yes and it can be any little comment, it doesn’t have to be very long.

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Name: Amelia Danver

Age: 24ish

Personality: She’s reckless, but brave and protective of those who she just met. Usually calm and focused on what is happening which can make her come off as indifferent to a lot of people, and scary to children. She’s passionate about the things she does, even if it’s something small and wouldn’t matter to a lot of people.

Looks: (I can try to find pictures that might sorta look like what I imagine her to be if you feel that the description isn’t enough for you.) Amelia is about average height (5’2-5’3), being toned from her job and the workouts she goes through. She has curly blonde hair which falls short of her shoulders that she pulls into a pony-tail most of the time. She’s attractive with a heart-shaped face, a small nose, grey narrow eyes, thin lips, and pale skin. She’s usually in casual clothing or a tank top and jeans.

Anything else: I don’t know if I did that right. And no I don’t think anything else.

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This is perfect! Now would you like it to be realistic or cartoonish-anime style? Realistic will take longer with color but I’m willing to do it.

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Realistic sounds nice but I’m not really to picky about it. You can do either one haha

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Okay! I’ll get it to you as soon as I can. Thank you for your commission!

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Would it be alright if I give a couple requests and you can choose which?

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Yes it perfectly alright

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This is a random request but can you draw cats?

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I’ve never drawn cats but I’ll give it a try. As I said I’m open to anything.

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Cool, I’ve got two cats that are sort of important to the plot
Blackie: White cat with golden/yellow eyes
Snowie: Black cat with blue eyes
Cartoon style or anything like that is okay:)

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Okay I’ll have that done as soon as possible

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I’ll get started on your book:)

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Name: Nite

Age: 19

Personality(around 4 sentences): She has lived a hard life and often looks very serious. She doesn’t really interact with anybody except for her adoptive father, whom she lives with. Animals are her passion, and she acts as her village’s only healer. Even though she’s not fond of the other villagers, she is still kind to them and is very soft spoken, unless she is angry.

Looks(pictures would help as well):
She has long, wavy black hair that would be pretty if she ever bothered to take care of it. (This story takes place in a medieval-era world, so hygiene isn’t a top priority)

Her skin tone is between honey and golden.
She has a round face and a slightly hooked nose. Her lips are full and soft. She has round, almond eyes that are warm brown. Her eyebrows are thick and unrestrained.

Anything else: Overall, all I can say is that she has a rather average face. She’s certainly not beautiful, but she does have a warm, inviting appearance.

Notes: If you have any questions, just ask!

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Accepted! You’ll see Nite soon!


Yay! Thank you!

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Name: Victor
Age: 30
Personality(Around 4 sentences): He is a handsome and flirty, yet protective vampire who helps an Autistic young girl and she falls in love with him. He also is a seductive singer at a bar and a sensual dancer with swaying hips and a flirty pose to match.
Looks (Pictures would help as well): He has shoulder-length white hair, Muscular body, Black Jacket and pants with Gold outline, Gold Necklace with red amulet, Black belt with gold outline, Pale skin, Light purple eyes.

Anything else: A sword to kill the people who tortured The Young Autistic Girl.
Notes: The background reminds me of a dream I had where I went to Ireland to meet a handsome and friendly vampire.


Accepted ! You’ll see Victor soon!