Character Creation: Passions to Powers [Superheroes]



Alright…look at this as a character creation prompt. It’s something I did myself a while ago, but haven’t really developed any further, I need a story for my resulting character, lol.

The basic idea is to take yourself (or another source), and create an alternate version for a superhero reality. You are in no way required to tell us the source.


Why is this different from other exercises like this?

I’m not just suggesting you pick any old super power. That’s too easy.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Take a moment to really think about the things you enjoy in real life. Things you are passionate about. Are you really skilled at anything, or enjoy a hobby or a particular subject?

  2. Think of a creative way this passion can be amplified and turned into a power! What does it do? What are it’s advantages? It’s weaknesses?

  3. Name your hero! It should be relevant to their powers, and that’s the only real rule for that!

  4. Costume: At the least give the basic color palette. If you want a detailed description, give that to!

  5. Backstory: The AU version of you (or this character) needs an origin story! What were they up to before they got they powers? Or did they have those powers all along? How did they get the powers if they weren’t born with them? Do they have goals, dreams, aspirations? Can they achieve these and still live a double life as a hero (or villain)? What are their feelings about their powers? Include other details you think might be important.


I’m going to post my hero in the next post! Hope you like her!!


Name: Miss Sensation (AKA Mina Heart)

Costume: A multi-coloured hoodie with red ripped jeans, leather gloves and mask.

She usually wears all black when not being a superhero, but often wears the same gloves.

Backstory: An perky psychology student by day, Mina lived an average life until she inherited her mother’s empath abilities; a genetic ability inherited through their bloodline, due to it’s extra-terrestrial make up. She is able to typically read and manipulate emotions, but can also transfer them into psychic energy and weapons she can use to defend herself.

Her goal is to prevent being kidnapped by A51 institute, and dreams of traveling back to her home world to reunite with her extra terrestrial ancestors, because she has never felt quite at peace on earth. She doesn’t really like her powers however, as it often forces her to react to situation in an inappropriate manner, such as crying at a comedy film or shouting at a principal in a middle of an assembly.


My Character


Source’s Passion: Loves to sing and perform.

Character’s Power: Extreme Vocal Ranges and Volume.

The character’s voice is capable of stretching into ranges beyond normal human hearing, as well as reaching volumes that can cause actual physical damage due to the amount of the sonic vibration they cause.

There are certain tones that cause great discomfort to humans ears, often just below or above their actual ability to hear. By harnessing the range of notes available to her, Siren can disturb and distract those she faces. In many instances she can essentially scramble their minds making it impossible for them to think or focus (though it is usually a temporary effect).

Her power can have many drawbacks, such as being difficult to direct at a specific target. It has been known to inadvertently cause harm to bystanders and animals (triggering animal attacks on occasion). Deaf are softer immune to its effects up to a certain point, and the pitches at which they become vulnerable are tricky to determine since such experiments could be dangerous.

With more practice, she could hone her skills further, using it in combination with communication devices to work with a team through secret messages for instance. Controlling how much vibration her voice causes to inanimate objects could add to her bag of tricks with sound triggered heat powers. This would take a long time to get right.

Character’s Costume: With a theme of blues, silvers, and whites, her costume would attempt to be reminiscent of water. Her hair would be in a ponytail to keep it out of the way while fighting, and her face would be hidden behind a silver mask that swept up at the edges.

The main body would be a blue leotard, and her arms would be in blue elbow length gloves with a sort of gossamer cape that draped from the back of each gloved hang. The cape would be a lighter blue and silver sheen; and be tacked to her leotard between her shoulders and and at the small of her back. It would be flowing enough to allow free fighting motion without getting caught up on her surroundings.

The look is finished with silver fishnet tights and blue knee high boots.

Character Backstory: Having grown up feeling quite ignored, with her voice the one thing that brought her praise, and acting the thing that brought her pleasure, she moved to New York as soon as she had save enough for a one way ticket and a cheap studio apartment. The reality that hits all actresses soon enough came crashing down on her as audition after audition for off broadway productions shot her down.

Sure, in her small hick town, her voice had been amazing. And acting was her passion…but here, she was nothing but another waitress lost in a dream. She was just starting to think about giving up when the building she was walking past exploded, sending her flying into the (thankfully) suddenly stopped traffic. Horns blared, car alarms went of, and her ears were ringing. She could make out a vile smell from the sooty smoke that cloaked her.

It was a haze as she felt the sticky heat of blood against her skin in several places. The searing smoke burned her throat. Amazingly she was alive with seemingly mild injuries, if deep gashes bleeding profusely were mild.

Everyone in the explosion’s source had been killed. It was apparently some kind of illegal laboratory…cooking up a new drug, or serum of some kind.

It was a long recovery later that she first noticed the difference…whatever chemicals she had inhaled had some weird effects. She decided to splurge on a taxi to her apartment, but waving and shouting to one, she noticed her voice boomed. It more than boomed…The nearby buildings literally rattled.

Her voice continued to do weird things…very weird things. She broke bulbs in the lights at an audition. After a table of customers asked her to sing when they heard about her stage ambitions, her extreme soprano caused them agony…she hadn’t even known she could sing Mezzo Soprano!

It was another customer her pulled her aside that day. He recognized her from a photo in the paper after the explosion…asked her if their had been other weird developments. He told her he might help…he was a chemist, a Ph.D and a professor. He had a theory…

If not for him, her powers would have stayed a mystery. If not for him, Siren wouldn’t sing in the night.


Lol, you beat me to it!

Mine’s too over involved…I like yours, nice and concise.


Nah, yours is good and engaging. Much more likely to be a superhero. I just saw this post and thought OMG, SUPERHERO CREATION! I’ve always loved the genre and just sprouted the first idea in my head. :smile:


My Character
Author aka Celia Lawrence

Power: The ability to write about any object and it appears

Celia can write using anything, whether it be a pencil, chalk or even her own blood. There is no descriptive details needed, as she only needs to write the name of the object to have it appear in her hand (ie spear, gun etc). When done with the object, she can either hold onto it or crumple it up like a paper ball and it will turn to dust.

Costume: simple, to blend in with the crowd. A buisness jacket with pockets on the inside to hold pens and notebooks along with a messenger bag to hold any objects she wants to keep. She would mainly wear gem tones, black and red being the strongest.

Backstory: Her parents were both professors, teaching at universities around the world. That meant leaving their daughter behind with her grandmother while they traveled. Celia wrote letters to them everyday until they drowned when the plane crashed. She continued writing letters, but never sent them.

When she was 12, Celia tried to forget about what had happened and burned the letters. While watching, her pen broke and ink spilled into the tea she was drinking. She didn’t notice and drank it. The ink seeped into he blood stream, which gave her the power.

Celia’s goal is to try and prevent an incoming war between people with superpowers and people with non-superpowers (kinda like the mutant uprising). She works behind the scenes, doing most of the negotiating. At first, she found her powers scary, but has learned to embrace them and now uses them to the best of her abilities.


Awesome! It’s original!


hi um i’m doing a story right now and i’m wondering if the main character is any good


You’re basically looking for a character critique, then?

That’s not exactly the intention of this thread, but I am sure you will be able to find folks willing to help.

Try this category for writing help!

Meanwhile, if you drop me a PM on main Wattpad site I’d be glad to talk some about your character and give you a bit of feed back!

There’s a link to my main site profile in my forum profile.


My Character
Black Bane Stephen.C

Powers: the ability to control the lighting around himself in a 6mile radius, which he can then use as weapons(literaly able to use the darkness to form into physical tendrils/spears) then can go incorporeal but still be seen which at that time cant be touched nor harmed as long as it is dark which allow him to pass through all substance: solid or liquid. and can sumon anything that had dies in the shadows to fight for him until it is destroyed or dispelled.

costume: white male, wears a pitch black duster/long coat, pitch black stetson hat, and spurred boots/chaps.
he’s 6ft3 medium build. has a scar on his right eye with a black patch covering it. his left eye color is a deepsterling silver. wears thin black leather gloves.

backstory stephen loved being in dark rooms all his life, it gave him comfort when all else failed. but one day he was cornered by a group of kids from his school. he couldnt do anything so he covered his face and the area that he was cornered was silent when he looked up they where gone. it took him to the age of 28 before he could fully understand and coltrol his power. to this day he haunts the alleyways for those poor fools that like harming others.