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Hello, I am not a professional character designer, but I have had experience with drawing and practicing characters for around two years already and I am prepared to share what I have!
I have a few rules that I’d like to put down:
-Threadhopping is fine with me, as long as the other designers are okay with it too.
-Please give credit, that is all I ask for.
-Do not use my codes nor use my premades as your own.
-I am still finishing school, so please be very lenient with me.
-I will only take three requests at a time, so please follow the queue.
-Avoid saying rude comments and if you do not like my work, please message me privately.
-I am picky, so it is not 100% that I will accept your request.

How my forms work:
Full basically means the entire body, but I only accept one request at a time for it. Body is similar to what I have made for the examples. Face is what’s in my examples too. Others are for other body parts that you may want. Please be very detailed with your request and the colors!


Do not play around with my codings. If ever a coding goes wrong, tag me and say the problem. Thank you.
click me for the forms

username // type // status // number
@ThatGirlWhoLovesFood // full // delivered // #5
@Kryon777 // face // pending… // #15
@artsy_ariel // full // pending… // #17


face{} body{} full{x} other{*state}
detailed description: 5’5, long wavy black hair with blue gray eyes, pointed nose and slender pink lips. She has small boobs but big hips. She has a four pack forming in her stomach. She has birthmarks on her wrist that looked like someone tried to cut it open once…
background: pastel red? or the same color as her eyes.
clothes // accessories: kunai knives
anything else?: you can decide with she could wear :slight_smile:


face{} body{} full{x} other: Full is preffered but if not body!
detailed description: Faye has pitch black hair that is always in a perfect, high ponytail. She has an olive/Mediterranean skin tone, and blue eyes with very noticeable gold patches in them. Faye looks like a typical “instagram baddie” with flawless eyebrows, contour, highlighter, winged eyeliner, but sticking to very natural/mauve tones.
background: silver / grey background but basic white is fine too!
clothes // accessories: Faye wears anything and everything sparkly and glimmery. She sticks to white and silvers only for her clothing, and nothing darker or more colorful will work. She can most often be found in this outfit, which includes a white fur coat, a sparkling silver dress, and white pumps.
anything else? very sparkly and silver glam aesthetic


face{} body{} full{x} other{*state}
detailed description: Ruth has olive skin and her hair is dark brown and in tight curls. She has warm brown almond shaped eyes and a heart shaped face. She’s short and curvy. she has soft features and freckles
background: pale yellow
clothes // accessories: She’s a superhero so its gonna be a superhero suit. Her power is telepathy and telekinesis. So she wears a full body suit that covers everything but her head. There are knives holstered on her right thigh. The suit is lavender and dark purple.
anything else? Feel free to use some of your own ideas. I’m really not picky!


@InGeenious Sorry, but denied
@Vexful Sorry, but your request has been denied
@ThatGirlWhoLovesFood Accepted. Please wait for 6-8 days before delivery!




Thank you! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work!








Just checking up, your request will be delivered next week’s Wednesday if it’s okay with you! Our finals just popped up and I wasn’t prepared, so please bare with me, hehe


Don’t worry at all! School is far more important, so take your time! :blush:


face{X} body{} full{} other{*state}
detailed description: Charmaine Duschant. She has pale grey eyes that have a small glow on the limbal ring (the dark circle on outer edge of eye). They are round. Oval shaped face. She has chestnut skin tone. Level 2 dark dark brown hair (almost black), in a side shave- shaved on the right side. With multiple piercings in each ear. Her hair is just past her shoulder. Straight. She has a pair of wings that start on the outer edges of her eyes. She has downturned lips, smaller upper lip. Low nose bridge, slightly pointed.
clothes // accessories: Just the face
anything else?: here is a reference for the wings. and another for the hair and skin tone

(the top pair of wings are the ones that would go where the eyes are[where the second, lower pair of wings are])


<font size=2 color=pink face=“Courier”> face{} body{} full{:heavy_check_mark:} other{*state} <font size=2 color=pink face=“Courier”> detailed description:</font> <font size=2 color=dodie face=“Courier”> long straight light brown hair, almond shaped light brown eyes and round face. She’s short and skinny, and gas freckles below her eyes </font> <font size=2 color=pink face=“Courier”> background:</font><font size=2 color=dodie face=“Courier”> purple </font> <font size=2 color=pink face=“Courier”> clothes // accessories:</font><font size=2 color=dodie face=“Courier”> high waisted shirts and blue shirt with converse, similar to this </font> <font size=2 color=pink face=“Courier”> anything else? </font><font size=2 color=dodie face=“Courier”> * You could use your own ideas idk, about my character: she’s creative, artistic, inspiring, sensitive, perfectionistic, timid and she always needs to have a cause to do something. * </font>


face{} body{} full{:heavy_check_mark:} other{*state}

detailed description:long wavy midnight black hair, dark brown asian eyes and a round face.

background: Blue

clothes // accessories:Black ripped jeans and grey crop top with converse similar to this

anything else? *You can use your own ideas. About my character: She’s independent and a perfectionistic. She’s protective of her loved ones and does what she wants when she doesn’t like being told what to do. She’s strong willed. *


hi, could you please edit your request because there’s a chance that you didn’t copy paste the forms correctly, thank you!


@MCKapo Accepted! Please wait for 6-8 days for your request to be delivered




I will be altering the forms to give me a better idea of your requests, thank you!