Character Development Games


There are many versions of this on the old threads. I figured we might as well have some fun here too!

I really enjoy these games, because they help me build a strong character. Sometimes having others throw random situations, scenarios, and choices can really help you understand how your characters would react. Not to mention, some answers can get really whacky!

How this works:
You can make a small character introduction if you want (maybe their name, what book they are in, and if they are a different species).

You answer as your character would to the question above, then you leave a question of your own.
~Don’t roleplay as your character (meaning interact with other author’s characters)~

Key Acronyms:
WWYCD= What would your character do…
WYCR= Would your character rather…


I’ll start :slight_smile:

Does your character prefer ketchup or mustard?


Lulu would go for ketchup cuz it’s sweet.

Krampus doesn’t care, he doesn’t eat xD

Eli would do either? She may complain about the taste at first but her mom would probably season it to taste decent.

Ziva… can’t really eat food now, so neither, unfortunately (She’d probably write down both to eat the words out of curiosity tho).

Ahh, I want WYCS to be here already lol



Don’t forget to add a question :slight_smile:


Would Your Character Survive

Shit, ya. Uhh… WYCR eat a chicken pot pie or a fruit pie?


Ohh, Ive been apart of one of those before, they are hard to keep track of, lol

Maisie would rather eat a chicken pot pie… since its meat and she is a werewolf/shifter.

Sage, even though she is also a werewolf/shifter, would take the fruit pie :joy:

WWYCD if they found $20 and a broken credit card?


Aria would take it and hope she doesn’t get caught

WWYCD if their significant ther cheated on them with their best friend


Maisie would be devistated. She would not forgive easily or quickly!

What sense (smell, touch, taste, sight, or sound) would your character rather lose? What would their reaction be to losing it?


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SJ would choose smell because he thinks that he doesn’t need it as much as his other senses.

WWYCD if they see a bratty child verbally abusing an employee at a clothing store


Haydn, the vampire in The Greatest Obsession, would be sitting somewhere with his arms crossed, one leg over the other, his foot tapping, and his one brow raised in a look of disgust and annoyance. He’d comment to himself or Elijah (his lover) about youth today and the sheer lack of disrespect. When the employee made eye contact with Haydn, he’d smile sympathetically. When the child was gone, he’d walk over and listen to employee ramble about their past experiences with terrible children.

WWYCD if he or she was suddenly thrown in the mix of a very brutal bar brawl?


Marcus (MC in “THIS IS NOT FOR YOU.” would have started the bar brawl, most likely. He’d enjoy himself because he’s a very physical person in nature already, but also because it would distract him from all the dark, intrusive thoughts consistently in his head. It would give him a release from his own mind.

WWYCD during an awkward pause on a first date?


Mack (thee MC from Dive Bar Oracle) would probably mutter a curse word, wonder why the eff he went on a date to begin with, and drink his whiskey (if he’s lucky he can catch a vision in the glass that gives him an excuse to leave). He’d be a boring date.

Is your character a cat or a dog person?


Alison is most definitely a dog person, even though she’s never had a pet of her own.

WWYCD if they caught their significant other cheating?


Gray would yell at them and try to hide how truly hurt he was, then probably never speak to them again.

WWYCD if someone insulted something they worked very hard on?


Morgan wouldn’t show it, but she’d be very hurt. She would obsess over improving it.
Maven wouldn’t care, she’d just think that it’s impossible to please everyone.

WWYCD if they were diagnosed with a terminal disease?


Mack probably already has a rotten liver…not like he’d be surprised. He’d probably grumble something about “it figures” and drink his whiskey.

WWYCD do if the ghost of someone the loved showed up and accused them of a great betrayal?


Margo would probably cry and ask how she betrayed her own sister.

WWYCD: if they found out they were going to be immortal?