Character Development Games


Fable would laugh and try to find a way to pass it off to someone else

Wwycd if they woke up with the voice of another person in their head


Posilyn would try to make friends with the voice, Negito would bang his head against a wall, Neutro would be confused.

WWYCD if they found out they only had a month to live?


I think Lydia would cry, accept it, and be optimistic. After all, if you have a month to live, that means you gotta spend more time with the people you care about. Plus, she would do some community work.

WWYCD if they were stuck in an elevator?


Valerie would probably pretend that it’s all right, even though after a while she would surely freak out😂

WWYCD if what they dreamed actually happened the next day?


Azarias would freak out at first, but then use the knowledge he earned as an advantage.

WWYCD if they missed a really important event?


Margo would feel bad about missing the event, but likely move on with her life.

WWYCD if they met an alien.


Makai would wouldn’t be alarmed, since he is an alien, and he’d probably be relieved to know he’s not the only extraterrestrial on earth.

WWYCD if they woke up in an alternate universe where everything they know is opposite?


She would be very confused, then she’d panic, because opposite change is the worst for her.

WWYCD if they had to choose to save one family member or five strangers?


He’d save the family member. Hell, he’d probably kill the five strangers himself if it meant saving a family member.

WWYCD if they saw someone about to be hit by a truck but if they try to save them, they might be killed/injured instead?


She’d probably let them get hit and just use the fact that it was too late to save them as an excuse. Likely an excuse for her own peace of mind, so she wouldn’t die of guilt.

WWYCD if they saw their lover or any kind of loved one harrassing a homeless person?


Connie will dump that prick.

WWYCD if they moved into a world full of monsters, aliens, secret services, conspiracies, and demons?


Quick Question. What does WWYCD mean? Sorry.


What would your character do? = WWYCD


LOL thanks! I was so confused, but now it all makes sense :joy:


His home world is filled with aliens, secret services, and conspiracies. In the book, he ends up in a world filled with monsters and demons (kind of) and secret services and conspiracies. Basically, he just tried to survive it.

WWYCD if they were transported into another one of your books? (Or if you only have one book that you’ve written/are writing/plan to write at this moment, into your favorite book.)


Miyumi story is about transporting to anime universe and I write other fanfiction. So Miyumi will be excited to see Soul Eater & Fairy Tail in the same world.

(OMG Same I’m making a story about monsters, demons, aliens and conspiracies, I swear I didn’t copy yours).

WWYCD if they meet a psoglav? (google it)


WWYCD if they met a psoglav?
Before visiting the Planet Alamar, Tork would probably have freaked out and attempted to logic his way out of the situation. Where he to meet the creature after his visit to Alamar he would only seek to know if he needed to kill it, or if it could be subdued.

WYCR Sacrifice a limb or Sacrifice a team mate?


Negito would rather sacrifice a limb. His teammates are too important to him.

WYCR give up sex or their favorite drink/food?


Connie will probably give up sex so, she won’t get STD.

WWYCD if they meet their favorite childhood cartoon character?


Ravenna would be secretly happy, but won’t show it.

WWYCD if they had to choose to save 5 strangers or 1 loved one?