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Diapsid’s agent would choose to save his loved one. For him, they’re incredibly rare and something he’d never part with. Especially not in favor of saving five people he doesn’t know, or care about.

WYCR give up someone they love dearly or a treasured possession?


She would probably give up her moms guitar to say her best friend Marianna.

WWYCD if they meet their deceased parents?


Only his mom’s deceased, so if he met her (and it really was her and she’s not a zombie or something pretending to be her), he’d be very nervous. She died when he was a baby, so he’d want to talk to her and get to know her, but he’d be terrified she’d be disappointed in him and the things he’s done.

WYCR live a life where they had to penny pinch everything so as not to end up on the streets but be happy and content or have everything they could possibly want but always feel like they’re lacking something?


Connie is already with the penny pinch everything, ever since she moved to the other world. She used to be on top with her band and was leading into the path until her ex stole her band and money, which led her to back to the drawing board. However, as pissed and frustrated that she is, all Connie want is everyone including her deceased mom is to hear her voice of passion & thrills (I know it sounds cheesy but, she hides that).

WWYCD if they meet their favorite idol?


WWYCD if their best friend was a betrayer?


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This happened to Ravenna, only it wasn’t a best friend, but someone she genuinely cared about more than the rest. It made her angry, then that anger transitioned to hurt, which in turn made her even more livid. I can’t go into detail, but let’s say she fucked him up (both physically and mentally) to the point where he currently resides in the hospital. His cold betrayal was likely the event that shook her the most in her life, because it’s been so long since she’s felt emotions that it ended up punching where it hurt the most. It’s like having strong walls for so long that a small dent in the spot that hurts the most will result in the entire wall crumbling down.

WWYCD if they had 24 hours to spend with their lover until they could never see each other again?


They would leave evrything that was important to them, their mom, dad, little brother who needed care, job, home, just to spend 24 hours with their lover. They would feel scared of losing them so soon and do anything I mean everything they can to spend time with their lover. In the start they would both look at the sunrise, and after that they would have a crazy breakfast with anything they want like, pancakes, eggs, bacon, ooh and maybe some ice cream, but don’t forget the cherry on top. Next they would walk around the park alone and express feelings towards eachother and tell eachother how much they love them, and to end it they would cry together and hug eachother as if they’ll be togehter forever, but then they face reality with seeing them gone.

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WWYCD if they were stuck in space?


Ariella (from the Fabriella Starr series, who’s parents are actually astronomers) would most likely panic at first because how is she supposed to create a fashion empire when she’s floating around the universe. But then she’d see the stars and galaxies surrounding her and use her new environment as inspiration for her new line. <3

Would your character rather team up with their worst enemy or fight their best friend to save the world?


Gerard Veneer, the Duke of Carlisle, is all about appearances in the book Legacy. He wears heeled boots and all the latest fashions. He’s clever and cunning due to the fact that he can put on many masks and play different parts.
Well, his best friend legitimately sent him into exile, and Gerard’s plotting his demise because he hates him so he would probably team up with his arch nemesis, Alexander Delacroix, in an effort to save the world just because he hates his best friend.

Ok, so what would your character do if they were able to become immortal?


Ravenna would not take the chance. She is only living to make a lasting legacy after death, so immortality ruins her view on life. She wouldn’t and doesn’t want to live forever.

WWYCD if their close sibling was hooking up with their ex behind their back?


Gerard would most likely try to find a way to exact some slow painful revenge upon their sibling. He treats his family members like pawns anyway, and he gets offended easily. He plots peoples’ demise carefully.

What would your character do if they found out they had a secret twin?


Ravenna would first demand why her parents never told her. She wouldn’t be happy, because since she has a twin now, that also means she has competition. She’s so used to being the only child that it would mess up her hierarchy status. She’ll do her best to keep this tiwn out of their lives.

WWYCR if they found out their best friend betrayed them and humiliated them?


Hi everyone, my name is Veronica and I am here because I killed a bunch of guards. . .again. Honestly me and my best friend, which is like my sister Ripley, humiliate each other alot. I mean one time she created a statue of me with slanted tits, soo I hired a famous author to right a story on how big of a slut she is. Humiliation is nothing, when you have no shame. If she betrayed me then there better be a damn good reason, and if not I will break her face and then we will be fine with each other.

WWYCD if they married someone who they loved and found out that they were a secret agent of your rival faction, and was using you to future their goals?


Ravenna would refuse to believe that Winston is using her. They’ve known each other for years; if he wanted to use her, he could’ve done it years ago.

WWYCD if their parent was caught having sex with their lover?


Veronica would go to the nearest pub and drink herself into oblivion while trying to decide if killer her father, who is her patron or her mother, who is the head knight of her order would be worth it. She would settle on killing her lover, and challenging her parent to a duel of honor.

WWYCD if she saw an orphanage on fire, and there were kids still inside, but knowing going inside would have a 50/50 shot of coming out alive and actually saving a life.


Ravenna wouldn’t go inside. She doesn’t think going in to save lives will be worth it. Changes are, she may feel a bit guilty once they’re dead, but she’ll convince herself that she couldn’t have saved them anyway and that it isn’t her fault they died.

WWYCD if they had to choose between saving their lover or their annoying sibling?