Character Development Games


His girlfriend or his sister. He wouldn’t be happy about it, but he’d save his girlfriend. His sister would understand. Their brother would not though, and it would end up digging a riff between them.

WWYCD if they found a abandoned briefcase full of money?


Ravenna would honestly take it, despite being already wealthy. She doesn’t think turning it in to the police will help, because chances are, someone will claim it’s theirs even though it isn’t. She’ll just take it and add it to her bank account without her parents knowing.

WWYCD if they saw a little boy, presumably homeless, digging into the garbage bins to look for food?


They would go to help him, and ask him if he’s ok, and how he could help. If he needs help they will take the boy to the nearest hospital to make sure they healthy and then take the little boy home and somehow find someone he may know, but the boy would not want to leave he would only feel safe with them no one else.

WWYCD if they were expelled from their university?


Connie would go to the drawing board and follow her own dream.

WWYCD if they join a sex cult?


Ravenna would be wondering why the fuck she joined in the first place and how it happened. Plus, she’s too young and still a minor, so she’d try to get out of it.

WWYCD if their parents started ignoring them like they didn’t exist?


He’d take it as a sign they can no longer keep up the pretense of loving/caring about him and that they’re so disgusted and disappointed with him and his actions that they’d rather pretend he didn’t exist than interact with him. He ended up packing a bag and leave, preferring to be on the streets than continue to be something they feel the need to ignore.

WWYCD if they came home to find someone they didn’t know bloodied up and tied to a chair in the middle of their living room?


Ravenna would be stunned and silent, staring at the person until she manages to ask them who they are and why they’re here. She knows it can’t be a prank, because no one in the house would do that, and she would never even consider that this is the work of one of her parents. She’d just keep asking questions, until she finally unties them and lets them go once she knows it’s safe to let them loose.

WWYCD if the person they loved the most tied them to a chair and was holding a gun to their head?


Kai would hurt and shocked but she would think it’s her fault they turned on her.

WWYCD if they were bullied by the captain of the football team ?


Since the character’s on the cheerteam, the bullying might be some crack about there being a male cheerleader. He knocked the football player on his ass, and the bully would probably have to suffer the wrath of his team mates as well.

WWYCD if a vampire attacked someone they care about?


wednesday would be very very shocked, especially since vampires now exist apparently! she’d be very concerned and would want to get help for whoever got attacked

wwycd if they found someone living in their attic one day?


Depending on who was there, Cort would lock the attic door and seal it shut. They wouldn’t be coming down to bother him and they wouldn’t be getting out: “If they got themselves up there, they can stay there.”

WWYCD If they found themselves hopelessly lost in the middle of a forest?


Kai would call her dad.

WWYCD if they found a dead body ?


She would probably stare at it for a few minutes and tears would fall down her cheek even if she didn’t know if was. She would take days digging underground and bury the dead body.

WWYCD if they found out they were adopted?


Ravenna would be shocked, but also very disappointed, because she takes great pride in being in this family.

WWYCD if they found out their loved one murdered someone and wanted your character to help them clean up the crime scene, including the corpse of a child?


This works well since there is a child one of his loved ones would probably kill if they had the chance.
He’d stare at the body for a long moment before agreeing to help his sister clean it up. While he utterly despises the murder of children, he’d admit quietly to himself that this particular child had it coming and it was probably for the best since he’s 99% sure she would have tried to (and succeed in) enslave the world once she grew up.

WWYCD if they were caught in a bank during a robbery?


Cain would just wonder how it’s so ironic that he’s in a bank during a robbery, because heck, on another day, he would be the one robbing the bank.

WWYCD if they were asked to testify against their close family member for a murder your character knows for a fact they commited?


Agnes would probably make sure that her family member is proven guilty; she’d be so mad/annoyed she’d want that person to get punished.

WWYCD if they found out that they had two weeks to live?


Ravenna wouldn’t believe it. She’d spend a lot of those two weeks in denial and then finally fear when it’s almost too late.

WWYCD if they had to watch a close friend getting whipped to death in public? But the catch is, each time your character tries to yell, intervene, or cry, then the friend gets double the amount of whipping they originally was supposed to suffer?


Agnes would probably try to wait it out until it’s over and then hunt down everyone involved and make sure they suffer.

WWYCD if they found out they could fly?


Ravenna would be shocked, wonder how the heck it’s possible, but would ultimately choose not to use it unless necessary, because she doesn’t like drawing that type of attention.

WWYCD if someone they gave everything to suddenly betrayed them without a good reason?