Character Development Games


Kai would cry and wonder what she did wrong.

WWYCD if they found a stray puppy ?


Ora will take care of the puppy, do a veterinarian check up and give it away to a better home.

WWYCD if they meet a demon?


Tory would make a deal with it, regret it and then try to kill it, but can’t. So, she uses someone she doesn’t like as a sacrifice and whoopty doo, the demon is not her problem anymore.

WWYCD If their friend for 3 years+ backstabbed them because they didn’t agree with you character’s decisions?


Ori would be really hurt by it, and he would also feel guilty. He’d feel like it was his fault for being mean/selfish/greedy/etc and anxiously obsess over it for days.

WWYCD if a circus showed up in their backyard during the night?


Kai would love it.

WWYCD if they woke up in their front yard ?


They would be stongly confused, and try to figure out how they got there.

WWYCD if they open their door finding a baby?


First Mikhael would freak out, wonder what he’ll do about it, then give it to Liya so that she can take it to an orphanage or a church.

WWYCD if their family was about to get killed ten minutes later by a bomb, but nobody in his/her family would believe him/her?


They would trick their parents into going somewhere else, not knowing that they are trying to save them.

WWYCD if they caught their significant other cheating while they were married?


Coldly kick them out/move out and block them from their life.

WWYCD if they were being followed home?


Thing is, Mikhael woukd never get home since he’s more of a nomad, and he doesn’t really need sleep, so he would either keep on walking until either him or the person following him drops from exhaustion or fight the person.

WWYCD if his pet cat was about to eat his pet mouse?


They would try to create a connection between their pet cat and mouse, anyone can be friends no matter what, right? =)

WWYCD if they were kidnapped by their ex?


Oh lord, Kayden would sit back and wait…

Because his current girlfriend is Sarah Kimball, a sadistic (but lovable) vampire who is quite possessive and HATES sharing Kayden

WWYCD if the zombie apocalypse occurred in their story? How would they make out?


They would make it out that another necromancer wants to take over the world for the 5th time in his life and he would track the necromancer down and everyone knows what happens next.

WWYCD if your character found a puppy sitting in the rain, but they couldn’t move from where they are to get it into their house?


He’d call is friend and tell her to bring an umbrella, food, and blankets. They’d keep the rain off the puppy, try to feed it, and hope to coax it into being comfortable enough for them to move it.

WWYCD if someone tried to shame them about something?


Depending on what exactly the thing is, Kayden would either ignore it and be extremely proud of whatever he did, or he would attack the person out of anger

WWYCD if they discovered their birth parents are not their real parents?


He’d claim to be fine with it and understanding about the whole thing. But he’d really be angry and want to find the biological parents secretly, and try to see what life he could have lead. He’d never approach the other parents though.

WWYCD if they woke up to someone they know trying to change your character’s outfit?


The only person he would know that would do that would be another character in the book that just wants to piss him off so he would probably kick that person out and yell at him for coming into his room. The only other people who would wear his clothes would he a fling so he would kick them out as well.

WWYCD if they had a gun pointed to there head?



Considering this WILL happen to Elijah he will plead in a calm but trembling voice for his life, it will only work because he stalled long enough for Haydn to save him. (A poor excuse for a vampire really but it was his father-in-law)

Haydn would either dodge that shit or literally hit the gun like get that thing out of my face, now imma kill you with my teeth and my fists, motherf#cker. Drink you DRY.

WWYCD if they had to kill their lover/spouse to in order for their child to be spared a horrible death.


Lucien doesn’t know his daughter at all; he only knows that she exists. It’s against his morals to kill anyone who doesn’t deserve it, but since he doesn’t know anything about her it would be very hard to decide whether or not to let her die.
I honestly don’t know what he would do if he didn’t get to meet his daughter first. If he did though, he’d probably choose to spare her and kill her mother.
Yikes, no fun.

WWYCD if they saw their high school boyfriend/girlfriend from across the aisle at the grocery store?


My character didn’t go to high school, lol.

WWYCR if they found a hurt dog on the street?