Character Drawings!

Hey guys! I’m offering character drawings again (surprise surprise). They will be anything from portraits to full bodies. I will not be drawing multiple people in a scene (yet),
Add a colour palette from Colourlovers
Not drawing furries, anything homophobic, xenophobic, racist, etc, or heavy mecha
I’m okay with drawing fan art for pre existing media
There is a zero tolerance policy. Are you being a dick because the drawing isn’t fast enough? I will not give anything to those being rude to me or anyone on this thread.
You need to credit me. This is not optional.
Be patient
If you use the drawing, tag my insta ( and link back
No payment no drawing
Payment Is a 2+ lined comment on my story, the Elementals, for each character (may increase to more comments depending on complexity of character)
Password is your favorite dessert (mine? Strawberry chocolate banana milkshake)

Examples and form are below!
(Want an absolute, guaranteed drawing with loads of time and detail put in? Dm me about my commissions! )
Everyone gets 1 request. If you want another, you need to actually commission me.

Character Name: [text here!]
Physical Description of Character: [text here!]
Clothing: [text here!]
Attitude/Personality: [text here!]
Pose Ideas & Expression Ideas: [text here!]
Colour Palette: [text here!]
References: [text here!]
Anything Else:[text here!]



NeverYawn - cover - delivered - post
genandwill - duo - coloring -
LasairandDragon - Doran - lining
Helplesslyinlove143 - dragon - Denied
Littlemintbubble - Mimi - idk yet sketching
Lilly_Orchard - Edrei - Maybe

Hi there, I noticed your last thread was closed. I left a request there and never heard back past the sketch check, so I was wondering – do I have to request again here?

Which was your request? Most from the other thread I haven’t finished are likely not to be finished, but if it’s one I feel particularly motivated to, I will finish. (I would throw the request here so I can keep it in one place so I actually get to it)

Character Amount: 2
Character Names: Will Knight and Heather Montgomery
Physical Description of Characters: If this were a movie, I’d cast Corey Stoll as Will and Isabelle Fuhrman as Heather… so if you could just go off of their appearance that’d be great. Heather is in her twenties, and Will is in his forties.
Clothing of characters: This would be the opening scene of my story. Basically, what happens is that Heather signs up to become Will’s personal assistant at a modeling agency. So, their attire would have to be business casual. Please click here for some outfit ideas for Will or here for some outfit ideas for Heather.
Attitude/Personality of characters: Will is cocky and enigmatic, whereas Heather is shy and soft-spoken.
Pose Ideas & Expression Ideas: For some pose ideas, please click here. They could either be at the moment where Heather signs the contract to become Will’s assistant OR a few moments after that when he offers her a glass of champagne to celebrate the beginning of their business relationship.
Colour Palette: This is Heather’s palette and this is Will’s palette.
References: These are the reference image albums I created - hope they help.
Background Ideas: This would have to be set in an office space sort of environment… for ideas, please click here.
Anything Else: Cheesecake. Thank you for reading my request. I hope you’ll give it a try.


Character Name: Doran Winterbow

Physical Description of Character: Half-Elf so 5’8" ish with a broader build than a full elf though still rather slim. Almost like a Welterweight boxer in size. (We have discussed how you read The Darkness Inside so really however you pictured him would be perfect.)

Clothing: A drab suit and cloak of greys and black to better blend into his surroundings.

Attitude/Personality: Short-tempered, overconfident, brooding really

Pose Ideas & Expression Ideas: I always imagined that his expression would be through his eyes more than anything else. ((Again, any images you have in mind from what you read would be perfect.)

Colour Palette: Didn’t quite follow how this was supposed to work?

References: N/A

Anything Else:N/A

Password: My favorite would be…hmmm…that’s hard…A Dark Chocolate bar

Mmmkay I do have that colored so far, but the background is gonna be really messy and rough shades. But it should be done tonight ish

Okay, that’s fine. Thanks!

Hi, funny story, I am actually doing a drawing for your story now! Here’s the sketch so far! Quite messy, but it’s when the two meet!

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GAH! YES! I’m already in love.

Well, I just finished chapter two of The Elementals as well. I am enjoying it. BTW, the whole chapter is typed out twice. I got down a paragraph past the “end” of the chapter and realized it had started over.

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Oh my god thank you so much for letting me know because I would not have known that one (must’ve forgot to push select all when editing whoops)

Thank you so much for doing the payment already! And I will get on lining and coloring that bad boi tonight! Any preference for a main colour (like a warm tone, a cold tone, etc etc)

Um, I don’t have a preference really. That scene takes place in autumn so something that fits that? lol, sorry, I have no skill on the art side, I barely get by with words XD

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Do you draw dragons?
I am i need for a dragon drawing

Oh and mine is the plain ol vanilla ice cream

I can give it a go, but please fill out the form so I know what exactly you want me to draw

Will do, just wanted to know if you could or not first :smile:

Character name : Tyler

Physical description: he is a typical western dragon but with a few small scars scattered on his face, has flipped over hair, I can’t send a picture from my stupid phone so I will try to give a good description of his hair… so it’s like short hair but it’s all flipped over to one side

Clothing: a ruby necklace

Attitude/personality : he’s the shy type and can be a bit clumsy,

Pose/Expressions : for the pose, just do a head shot. And Expression is a smile

Color palette: his scales are orange but on his muzzle is blue which fades into the orange, and has a lighter orange for an underbelly. For the background, dark blue please

Refer: nope

Anything else: nope

Password : I already told you but I’ll say it again
Vanilla ice cream

Sorry for the late responds, but if you don’t have a colour palette from colourlovers/screenshot of the colours you want or any references (because dragons have massive variety even with western dragons) then I cannot accept you

Sorry, but I’m on my phone, and thus cant send pics, or else I would have. It’s the that type of phone that hates wattpad basically. But if it is still a no, then I understand

Hey, Ryn. Would you still be able to do the cover request I had on the previous thread? I’ll complete payment for it. :slight_smile: