Character Illustrations: OPEN!



Hi there, I’m kinda tired of drawing female characters with repetitive request forms of having wavy or curly hair. If you would be so kind to be more creative with the hair get-up, I’d prefer to draw a variety of female character without those features because I did at least 8 of them already. If you insist on submitting a wavy/curly haired female character form then I won’t stop you, but know that my mood about it and the quality might not be what you’re be expecting. Thank you for understanding.

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Note: All Artworks, traditional and digital paintings, you see displayed and featured within this thread are done by my own efforts. Please do not download and use them without my consent.

PLEASE HELP! Looking for a concept artist

OPEN! But…I’ll make my services random, meaning all request forms after this post will be made depending on how and what I feel like doing it in. It can be in a watercolor headshot, full body watercolor, pencil+marker bust, pencil headshot etc. Wanna try your luck? I’ll ask my mood about it :sunglasses:
Also, please request one character at a time, I already said it in the first post [rules]. I can take two requests at a time, succeeding requests will be thought about or be put on queue. This event will last until I decide to stop. (Updated: March 8, 2019)



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Click this link to go to my Art Gallery Overview Page for sample artworks and what to expect those watercolor works would look like.

NOTE: I actually offer random events (i.e. Pencil + Marker Art, Full Body Watercolor Art, Head Shot Watercolor Art, etc.) which will be announced and updated. I open slots before the weekend starts, usually either Thursday or Friday, sometimes earlier, so I can immediately start drawing when the weekend is here.

What event do you expect to see/open more often?

  • 1 Full Body Watercolor Slot Every Two-Three Weeks
  • 1 Watercolor Bust Slot Every Week
  • 2 Watercolor Headshot Slot Every Two Weeks
  • 2 Pencil+Marker Half Body Slots Every Week
  • 3 Pencil+Marker Bust Slots Every Week
  • Endless Pencil Headshot Slot

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This is where you can now start with your comments / queries / forms.


Aaaaahhhhhh finally!


But not yet ready to accept requests haha I just did this for future openings and in preparation for the threads closing down for good :nerd_face:


YAS YAS YAS! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Welcum welcum :hugs:


So excited to get some more headshots :heart_eyes::kissing_heart:


I don’t have anything in mind now, but I do love your art style.




holy damn, those drawings are beautiful


This is sooo different from the other forums




@florianraven My work contract ends on October, maybe I can open the shop within November/December before the exams just to get away from studying for a while XD but again, limited slots :smiley:

@SarahWeaver6 @FireAlwaysReturns Thank you! Feel free to subscribe and watch out for the opening…which will be very soon :sweat_smile:

@AelinAlysius Yeah, it does needs a little getting used to.

@_Stars-Aligned @Calmwolf Hey guys! Welcome back!


Will do.

Oh have you tried using tobacco? I figure, if it’s gong to taste like paint thinner, then I’ll use it a paint thinner.:stuck_out_tongue:


Nope, I haven’t tried tobacco as paint thinner because I don’t do other mediums aside from watercolor. I never even tried doing coffee painting lol.


Ah there is coffee painting?