Character Illustrations: OPEN!





I think so too XD unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be opening for watercolors in a while because I have a big canvas to finish myself :sweat_smile:


That’s fair ahaha!


All I can offer for now are pencil/marker ones haha


What do the marker ones look like?


Oh, I encoded wrong lol it’s the pencil + marker ones XD


Thank you So Much For Adding Me To your Queue list!
You’re The Best!


Are those ones colored or black & white? :blush:


So what do they look like, fam? I may request if I like it XD


@DarklingDarling @florianraven they’re the black and white/ greyscaled drawings you’ve seen when I finally re-opened the shop :no_mouth:


Oooh! So just black and white?


Dang it! Missed the slots again! :sweat_smile: I’ll have to keep a closer eye on the thread…
Can’t wait to see the drawings though!


Yep, I didn’t really like doing colored markers even way back in uni days :sweat_smile: so I stick to its black and white instead


Sure thing!


Fair enough :joy:


sorry that is my bad -:neutral_face: I had the post coped into the chat box to be able to get it out the minute a slot opened, and posted it instead of a question I wanted to ask and just left it because I was on the way to college, I will wait


No worries!