Character Illustrations: OPEN!



Hi, your character is done but I haven’t confirmed your payment yet. Do inform me when you’re done.


What’s the payment?


She’s beautiful!!! Missing glasses, but I don’t care!!! You.have great talent!! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!


Oh my gosh this is beautiful! Thank you so much :heart::heart: you’re so talented


I’ve got one of the payments done.




Oh my gosh, I totally overlooked that glasses part, but I’m glad you like it!


Thank you so much!


Open for Pencil Headshots without the limit of Slots because I can’t offer Watercolor requests as of the moment. I’m trying to finish a personal project, but commissions are always welcome. For this campaign, I’ll be choosing randomly. I can’t guarantee that I can draw all though. If you’ve been tagged in the Queue List, your form has been accepted. I’ll just draw whichever character I feel like doing for the moment…if that made any sense :sweat_smile:
This campaign will last until I decide to stop. :writing_hand:


Hi there, I shall try my luck. I hope I included everything. :sweat_smile:

Characters Name: Mister Noble
(His first name is Gabriel, he’s a fallen angels though so he goes by Mister Noble usually)

Gender: Male

Hair style color/style: shaggy chocolate-colored

Skin tone: soft ivory/silk beige

Eye color: darkest brown (molten), with flecks of gold (slightly orange/red)

Body built: lean, toned, tall

Outfit style: loves to wear dark, expensive suits (white dress shirt, unless he’s outside, then he wears his raven-colored coat)

Color scheme: dark, reds, gold

Any additional features: I don’t know if it’s helpful but he’s a fallen angel (he’s really just stunning looking, high cheekbones, face shape oval, eyes oval-shaped, eyebrows straight, long eyelashes, slender nose, etc).

Was it drawn by another artist: No

Password: Spideyson


Characters Name : Riah

Gender : Female

Hair style color/style : Dark, almost black in a wavy, loose style:

Skin tone : she comes from Indian descent, so a tan color

Eye color : Blue, actually…

Body built : Athletic build, with slight curves.

Outfit style : She has golden hoop earrings:

An outfit style like the one here:

and a scarf like this:

(Probably with slightly darker colors and a tad smaller)

Color scheme : Blue’s, greens, Browns, grays

Any additional features : She has a water droplet shaped tattoo :droplet: on her right wrist. Blue in color with flakes of gold. Also, she wields a form of water magic, which is something that’s a cool aspect of her character.

Was it drawn by another artist: Nope! She’s from my new story!

Password: Spideyson


Name: Jason Miller

Gender: Male

Hair color/hairstyle: Short curly black hair

Skin tone: caramel

Eye color: dark brown

Body build: thin

Outfit style: White sweatshirt that says Honey on it, ripped jeans, white shoes

Color scheme: white, brown, blue, red

Special features: None

References General Look outfit

Drawn by another artist? No

  • Spideyson


I think I’m gonna draw all that’s currently posted if there’s that few counts so far :woozy_face: I need breakfast first.


Is it alright if I request another character?


Sure, go ahead!

I’ll just ‘like’ the forms I’ll be drawing so I know which to draw.


Name: Alexa Brown

Gender: female

Hair color/hairstyle: Long wavy black hair with purple on the ends

Skin tone: Super pale

Eye color: green

Body build: Pear shaped

Outfit style: blue pageant dress with a tiara, earrings and a necklace

Color scheme: blue, white, silver

Special features: None

References General Look body type

Drawn by another artist? No

  • Spideyson





Question!! Can I request another headshot??