Character Illustrations: OPEN!



Sure, go ahead!



Character’s Name: Liam Price
Gender: Male
Hair Color/Hair Style: shoulder length, wavy hair. I don’t have his hairstyle completely thought out, but a sexy hairstyle, with a few strands falling on his foreheAd will do.
Skin Tone: tanned skin
Eye Color: one eye is light blue, the other hazel (it’d be cool if you could make one eye look darker than the other with the shades of gray)
Body Built: slim, but athletic, about 6’2"
Outfit Style: outdoorsy style
Color Scheme: shades of.gray, hahahah
Was it drawn by another artist: No
Additional features: he has light freckles over his.nosebridge
Password: spideyson

Thank you!


She looks great! Thank you! :kissing_heart:


Wow, it looks amazing - thank you so much. :heart_eyes:

Can I request one more? (I swear I only have two MC’s in my book. :see_no_evil:)

Characters Name: Amelia Endor

Gender: Female

Hair style color/style: long, slightly wavy, ebony-colored

Skin tone: soft ivory

Eye color: malachite-green

Body built: 5’6, petite

Outfit style: girly dresses, tights, comfy cardigans

Color scheme: dark, red

Any additional features: angelic, Lily Collins eyebrows

Was it drawn by another artist: No
Password: Spideyson


How are requests handled if we already made one? As far as the new one, to clarify, the drawing I’d be replacing is a book cover I drew.


Sure, go ahead!


I just posted haha, thank you so much. I’ll complete payment in a minute. :slight_smile:


You can request again, and if accepted, you would have to do another payment in the list you haven’t done yet. If in case you did everything already, I’m sure the payment where you need to ‘Read at least 4 Chapters on any of my books’ haven’t maxed out yet. If you only read from Prologue to Chapter 3, then as payment you can continue reading from Chapter 4-7, and so on.


Oh sorry, I’m on the phone so I wasn’t able to see immediately XD


I think we literally posted at the same time. :joy:


@Kishyie I posted a request too, just in case you missed it! :wink:


Thank You:) I’ll give credit when the chapter is up


@eliyeda I saw it, I just can’t draw right now because it’s the weekdays. Even if I did, I won’t be able to upload immediately :slight_smile: I’ll be liking the post when I’ve gotten down to doing it.

@_Stars-Aligned Sure thing!


mon dieu this art is actually really good


Thank you, I love baguettes too :yum:




Hi do you do historical/fantasy stuff?


Historical/Fantasy Character art/design? I do, especially fantasy :slight_smile: if it’s landscape painting, I don’t really do it for the Request category though.


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I’m getting ready for next month! :heart_eyes: but before that, it’s Captain Marvel first :rofl: