Character Illustrations: OPEN!



Incomplete form. Come back when you’re done re-doing it :slight_smile:


My bad, he has not be drawn before…


Please repost when it’s complete, and there’s still one more missing. Btw, what’s his hair style?


Alrighty, I will have to double check the form. I am almost done with payment. :blush:


No worries, I can wait all day :smile:


Alrighty, all done. :blush:


I’ll be liking request forms when I get down to doing it, it’s the weekdays so my time is quite limited. Have a nice day/night! :slight_smile:


Please take your time! I relate with my SATS being today (aka big scary five hour test) take your time and don’t stress yourself!!


Character’s Name: Gabriel Rosenblat
Gender: Male
Hair Color/Hair Style: curly unruly blonde hair. Almost like a surfers look, falling ovwr his forehead in much need of a haircut.
Skin Tone: tanned skin
Ete color: Light brown
Body Built: slim, about 6’0"
Outfit Style: not sure, I see him wearing lots of laid back clothings like hoodies and such
Color Scheme: shades of.gray :wink:
Was it drawn by another artist: No
Additional features: he’s goofy and playful, if you could make him look smiling would go great with his personality!
Password: spideyson

Thank you! And I hear your mom, so I appreciate you doing this. I think for the payment I’m in the reading one of your books or a couple already, hahaha!


Character’s Name: Damien Crestfall
Gender: Male
Hair Color/Hair Style: straight hipster hair style auburn hair.
Skin Tone: pale light
Ete color: green eyes
Body Built: slim, about 5"8
Outfit Style: he goes to a private school so he’s almost always wearing a uniform
Color Scheme: shades of.gray :slight_smile:
Was it drawn by another artist: No
Additional features: he’s very mature and thoughtful. He has lots of common sense. However a face like that looks like :stuck_out_tongue:
Password: spideyson

Again, thank you!!! There’s one more maybe two more… in a near future if.this is still opened


Character’s Name: Maverick Tesla
Gender: Male
Hair Color/Hair Style: short black straight hair maybe a few longer strands falling over his forehead.
Skin Tone: light skin a little bit tanned
Ete color: light blue eyes
Body Built: slim, about 6"1
Outfit Style: he’s in the track team and plays soccer, so that kind of sporty outfit
Color Scheme: shades of.gray :slight_smile:
Was it drawn by another artist: No
Additional features: he’s Ivys twin, so their faces could look very similar.
Password: spideyson



Character’s Name: Ashley Wood
Gender: female
Hair Color/Hair Style: brown naturally curly with a slight poof around the top and ends
Skin Tone:brown
Eye Color: brown
Body Built: tiny but curvy
Outfit Style: she’s not push of a dress up person, she normally where sweatpants and loose shirts
Color Scheme:purple
Was it drawn by another artist:no
Additional features: she has faded freckles on her jawbone


I can’t seem to open the link to your char’s hairstyle. Can you upload it instead?


Yeah, no problem.


Wow, that’s 3! :open_mouth:


I know… :pleading_face:

You don’t have to do them all, but would LOVE you if you did :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’ll see what I can do.




Your character art is ready but I still haven’t confirmed your payment. Please inform me when you’re done.


thank you!!!