Character Illustrations: OPEN!



I’m kinda redoing the poll, so visitors who enter in here could give their vote. It’s in Post #4 above just after the Tag List.


Character’s Name: Neely Lynch
Gender: Female
Hair Color/Hair Style: Shoulder length, straight, fine white blond hair.
Skin Tone: Pale skin. A bridge of freckles across her nose.
Eye color: Blue-green eyes.
Body Built: slim, but toned. 5’3
Outfit Style: It’s like a black leather body suit, a dragon Rider’s outfit. There is a blue stone at the breast-bone.
Color Scheme: Blacks, greys and blues. (She controls the night, so there are little shadows moving around her wrists.
Was it drawn by another artist: No
Additional features: She has a square along the side of her jaw from a knife, a small one but noticeable.
Password: spideyson




yay my vote wins, i love democracy now


;-; you did so good thank you so much




:joy: She is secreltly Darth Vader-- the secret it out.:joy:


For the payment do I have to all of it or four of them. Like add your stories and follow you because I don’t have my computer with me right now


@Kishyie Is it alright to request females with updos/braided hairstyles?


Not really, feel free to do just one.


:joy: Right now in my country, I’m hating democracy though


Omg, you totally nailed the artwork for me! :heart_eyes: Now I don’t have to do anything XD


Sure, go ahead XD

I was just getting tired of all the wavy/curly female requests because I did 8 of them already lol


Character’s name: jade wren
Gender: female
Hair colour/ hair style:shoulder length straight hair dyed blue and purple.
Skin tone: ivory
Eye colour: electric blue
Body built: average height and athletic
Outfit style: black jeans, black combat boots, black tank top, cameo jacket, bright coloured sash tied around waist.
Colour scheme: futuristic colours
Any additional features:
Was it drawn by another artist: no
Password: spideyson


OPEN! But…I’ll make my services random, meaning all request forms after this post will be made depending on how and what I feel like doing it in. It can be in a watercolor headshot, full body watercolor, pencil+marker bust, pencil headshot etc. Wanna try your luck? I’ll ask my mood about it, but most likely it’ll be in pencil /+ marker :sunglasses:
Also, please request one character at a time, I already said it in the first post [rules]. I can take two requests at a time, succeeding requests will be thought about or be put on queue. If I like your character form too much, I might exert an extra effort. This event will last until I decide to stop.

*Note: Please upload any images immediately, to save the hassle of being redirected. Btw, requesters from the recent event [Pencil Headshots] can’t participate in this event. Again, it’s in the rules.


What happens with requests made befote this post?


they’ll be drawn, but in the event they were last in :slight_smile:


Okay cool thank you. I hate to be difficult, i would love to see my character in colour please


This was the event your request form was last in, so unfortunately, it’ll be in pencil.


Cool. Could i request again at a later point