Character Illustrations: OPEN!



Btw, your character is finished but I haven’t confirmed your payment yet. Do inform me when you’re done.


character name: Yang
Gender: Male


Hair is black and looks like this (including the ornaments)

Skin tone: Pale.
Eye colours: his eyes are red.
Body built: masculine, board shoulders, but he is not rough, rather elegant. He is also tall, reaching 190cm.


Like this but the colour is pitch black.

Colour scheme: Black, blue — Something that shows coldness.
Was he drawn by others? Nope.
Additional feature: He is a character in a Chinese historical inspired story — thus that’s his ethnicity.




I like this one! Please fulfill any of the payments while waiting for your artwork :slight_smile:


Sorry for the late reply, had no internet over the weekend. Thank you for completing it. I’ve done the payment. :sparkles:



Complete :blue_heart: (I was already following you on Insta, so now I’m following you on Wattpad too ^-^)


Thank you so much! I followed you on Wattpad. :slight_smile:


Oh, what was your account name in Insta?




Oh my god, she’s gorgeous. Thank you so much - you’ve got a fan in me. :sparkles:


He’s so cute! Thank you so much!! ^-^
Do you have a preference about reposting and if so, how do you like to be credited?

(And to answer your question, my instagram is EchoeOtto)


Where do you plan to repost it exactly? I don’t have a problem with that as long as you credit me/give a link to my gallery, preferably Deviantart or Instagram :slight_smile:




If I collected ever and/or made enough art, I was thinking of posting a part at the end of my Wattpad story. (I’d feel weird posting somebody else’s art on a picture-based site like Instagram or Deviantart because that feels too much like stealing credit.) Just thought I’d check first :slight_smile:


If you plan to do that, just make sure to tag the artist back, just like how other art sharing accounts do :slight_smile:


I’ll be sure to remember that. Thanks.


Omg you execute him so well! I think I’m in love. Thank you so much :two_hearts:


I’m away for a week or so and there’s over 100 notifs for this. Woah.


Character’s name: Adelyn

Gender: female

hair colour/style: straight brown hair, preferably in a braid but just down is okay too. I was thinking either like this or this
I like that in the second photo her hair is kind of in bigger pieces (if that makes any sense??) the book she’s in is set in a historical time period, and she’s out at sea, so there’d be some damp hair/salt water damage that I imagine being like that.

Skin Tone: light (second girl)

Eye colour: hazel, but more brown than green

body build: slim, very boney figure, and not much in the upstairs department (not a lot of money, not fed well)

outfit style:
like this, but just solid blue colour (without the little tiny dots that the fabric has, it doesn’t need that kind of detail. I tried to find a drawing of a dress like this but I couldn’t…

colour scheme: blues and greys, i guess?

Any additional features: spideyson & i’m willing to do any of the payments except the reading list one, but I guess preferred would be the payment request would be either follow or read/comment on your book! :slight_smile:


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