Character Name Reveals


We’ve all watched a show where a certain character is only called by their surname or a nickname, and then finally their real name is revealed. Some shows do it brilliantly, but others so awfully. So,

What was the lamest character name reveal you’ve seen?
What was the coolest character name reveal you’ve seen?

For me, in New Girl, Schmidt’s name?? Really? That was so stupid, imo.

In Bones we find out Angela’s real name towards the end of the series, while it wasn’t a big reveal, it was still an unexpected name, so that was not bad.


The only lame one that I know of was from Tangled. I just hate the name Eugine. xD No offense to anyone named that… lol I just think Flynn Rider is a better name. Lol.

But I do know of two cool ones.

Arnold Shortman. Throughout the whole Hey Arnold series, we don’t know his last name, even though his grandfather called him “Short man.” I once read that it was his last name, but it was only a theory. It wasn’t until the Hey Arnold: the Jungle Movie came out where it revealed it! Pretty awesome, if you ask me.

And the next one was T.J Detwieler from Recess. His actual name his Theodore Jasper, which never really rang a bell to me until we found out. OH, apparently, I remember one more, which is also from this same show. Spinelli’s actual name is Ashley, and I remember it being such a shocker because you wouldn’t really think of it, especially with the Ashleys’ (the popular, preppy group).


I don’t think I can even think of one haha XD I hardly remember names ever anyways.


Oooh, I didn’t know this was a thing!

I did a name reveal in one of my books and a lot of people were pleasantly surprised. :lumi:


For me ( and I’m about to date myself) the first one that springs to mind is MacGyver (the original. Not the crappy remake) for the entire series we don’t know his real name. We know him only as MacGyver or Mac. Then in (I think) the final season we finally get to know his first name is Angus.

As a young girl with a fairly big crush on the character, it had an impact lol