Character Outline Challenge!!


So here’s an idea I came up with while writing character outlines for minor characters in one of my books.

I’ll post an outline, and the first person to reply has to create a new character outline, but using the same thing I put in 3 of the categories. The person to reply after them has to pick three from their’s and so forth. It’s kinda stupid, but whatever.

Let’s begin!

Luna Thorburn :

Height - 5’ ,7”
Age : 19
Hair Color - Dark Brown, can pass for black
Eye Color - Midnight Blue
Occupation - Dressmaker’s Protege
Hobby(s) - Dressmaking, Hair Styling
Skills - Dressmaking, Hair Styling, Ice Skating, Picking Locks
Flaws - Impulsive, Jealous, Rude, Can Be Demanding, Brash


Okay let’s see if I do this right :upside_down_face:

Leo Salvador :

Height - 5’ ,7"
Age : 19
Hair Color - Dark brown, can pass for black
Eye Color - Dark Chocolate Brown
Occupation - Flower Shop Garbage Boy
Hobby(s) - Sorting, Video Games, Skateboarding
Skills - Sorting, Artistic, Mathematician, Problem Solver
Flaws - Coward, Clueless, Ignorant


I hope I know what I’m doing

Liam Cruw
Height - 6’,1"
Age: 22
Hair Color - Dark brown, can pass for black
Eye Color - Red cuz why not
Occupation - A Sound Designer for Video Games
Hobby(s) - Sorting, Video Games, Skateboarding
Skills - Creative, Can hold his breath for five minutes, Tech Savy
Flaws - Coward, Clueless, Ignorant


My turn!

Molly Juarez
Height: 6’,1"
Age: 22
Hair Colour: Light brown, bleached tips that are green
Occupation: Swimmer, Swimming Teacher/Coach
Hobby(s): Swimming, Cross-Country Running,
Skills: Creative, Tech Savvy, Can hold breath for 5 mins, Strong swimmer
Flaws: Headstrong, Distant, Idealistic


My turn

Alfred Crown
Heigh: 6´ , 1´´
Hair Colour: White
Eye Color: Light Brown
Age: 76
Ocupation: Swimming teacher
Hobby(s): Read old newspapers
Skills: Good swimmer, Fast and can fight with sharks
Flaws: Headstrong, Distant, Idealistic


Carter Jones
Height: 6’1
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: light brown
Age: 18
Occupation: swimming teacher
Hobbies: playing guitar, singing, swimming
Skills: strong swimmer, gets good grades in school
Flaws: arrogant, jealous, and loud



Eli Meran

Height: 6’1
Hair color - platinum blonde
Eye color - sapphire blue
Age: 18
Occupation - Soldier
Hobbies - playing guitar, swimming, singing
Skills - an excellent sniper, also a fast swimmer
Flaws - bad teamwork skills, pride

Edit - I did not know that Leo was already used, let’s change it.