Character Power Confliction?


I’ve been revising my story a lot, and have a character who dies, goes to the underworld, and is resurrected. After coming back to life he has the ability to see ghosts and is haunted by these apparitions, needing to learn how to help these ghosts. This happens in the 2nd book!

In the first book however, he’s completely normal and hunts witches and demons and everything dark in the world. It’s only after dying and coming back and becomes a freak that he figures out that he should be more tolerant to the creatures he and his family have haunted for so long.


in my original draft I had him being on the other side and being a witch, and having the ability to effect the weather with his moods (and by that I mean when he’s sad it pours and when he’s angry it starts to thunder and storm all crazy). I REALLLLLLLYY loved this idea and had a lot of cool scenes with the love interest where she wakes up to the sound of thunder and rain and knows hes upset, rushing to his side to help him out, and she needs to calm this destructive side of him, or the air becoming really warm and sparks flying off his skin when he’s near her showing his feelings.


I really like the idea of him dying and coming back and seeing ghosts (also his ability to see those who have crossed over has hugeeeeeee part in the book so this is kind of mandatory)
But I love the thunder and the lightning and this effect and the cool scenes I could have with this.

Is there a way I can combine the thunder/lightning ability with him coming up from the underworld and seeing the dead? Or how to make it so he can use both of these without it being overwhelming and him seeming all powerful?


Yeah, I don’t see why not. But maybe hinder one of them, like he doesn’t have full control of one.

Like for instance he can control weather but the ghost seeing thing is more uncontrollable, or sporadic and visa versa. Or one can be more of a blessing, the other a curse, etc… idk if that was helpful

But interesting plot, I’d give it a read!


I really like that idea! For the seeing the dead, it’s obviously because he comes back from the dead. Is there a way you can think of him gaining these “storm powers” that would make sense?


Hmm, that one’s a bit trickier. The only thing that I can think of right off the top of my head is to be zapped by lightning, but that’s a bit cliche and cheesy. (I don’t know if this is the best way) but maybe it doesn’t have to be explained? Cause it’s like a mystery, and maybe he’s one of those mysterious miracles that just somehow happen. Like there’s no “logical” explanation for it? Just thinking out loud…


I was thinking maybe have his death tie into his powers? Maybe he died in a freak storm caused by a demon/witch? Struck by lightning or drowned in a flood? Kinda like Jack Frost in Rise of the Guardians when he died in a freezing lake.

Or maybe the last witch/demon he was chasing struck him with their powers and when he died their powers became intertwined with his being in life and death. So now he comes back as half of the thing he hates.


You mentioned in the first book that he was completely normal. I would wager that a trip to the underworld would change a person. Perhaps he is simply no longer “Human,” that he returns with this strange ability to affect the weather. Maybe h3 doesn’t understand it-it could even be something that frustrates him-that he gets tired of being soaked whenever he’s sad. Depending on where you are going with the plot, perhaps he’s not supposed to be here, he was never supposed to return and so his emotions become something tangible (the weather) that affects the world in which he doesn’t belong. I think it’s perfectly acceptable for him to have multiple abilities. In fact, the weather thing doesn’t have to even be beneficial. Imagine never having your feelings hidden from those who know you, or having to develop a mastery over your emotions so that you don’t cause a tornado when crazy uncle Frank comes to thanksgiving dinner. There are so many interesting possibilities there, so many problematic scenarios you could stick him in. It could be great source of conflict for him, something that is just as much an annoyance as a gift! A really fascinating direction would be for him to figure out ways to use it to his advantage, like if he’s feeling secretive or untrusting, things get foggy-giving him concealment when necessary, or some such craziness. It could be an interesting bonus to his arc for him to figure out how to use it to his advantage. At any rate, I think it’s great and totally something I would read!


If his weather controlling abilities aren’t intentional i doubt he’ll come off as all-powerful. You mentioned him being a demon hunter? Maybe it’s something that happens every few hundred years, a member of his family dies and comes back with powers? It could just be something that’s a norm in his family during a certain time that happens to a certain member?