Character Q&A


So this is to revamp another one i saw.
Answer the question above you, ask a new one too.
-You can also start a new thread with just one or two people and exchange questions.
If at anytime you like the character ask the person, about their whole story, and you might end up reading it. :grin:
What is your characters name?



what is your character like?


Hot-head but still heavy heart-ed; social, likeable, and creative.
What is your characters favorite place?


She’s a homebody

What is your character like?


im confused


i meant to ask what there name is


your supposed to answer the one another person asked, and ask a new one, not answer your own


oh Ki-soo


I know she is a homebody which means that home is her favorite place (I probably should’ve explained that better)


What is your character’s passions?



does your character have a love interest


Her boss, Eun Tae-Seok, who has more of an interest in her, than her to him, for now




Does your character have a love interest?


yes, Luke when they first met she almost killed him


Does your character have children?


No, she is only 15

Does your character have children?


Does your character have family, does she live with them?


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