Character Q&A


One that she hasn’t been to yet? Probably Denmark.

If your character had the opportunity to kill someone with poison and get away with it, would they do it?



What does your character want to change in the world?


I don’t think there is anything she’s passionate about enough to want to change, so nothing. She just cares about her circle and if these changes won’t directly affect her life as it is, then she won’t care about them.

Would your character have the grace in their heart to forgive someone, even if the person in question murdered their loved one?



Would your character kill someone for money?


No. Because she’d rather earn it than win it.

Would your character be willing to kill as a form of revenge?



What is the favorite book of your character?


I doubt Ravenna has only one favorite. But she’s into those complex books that make you think deeply. I can promise that she’d probably love The Chocolate War (especially when she was inspired by one of the characters from there).

If your character could do something illegal and not face the consequences for it, what would they do?


Probably, keep doing illegal work.

How your character introduces herself?


Depends on who it is and what the circumstance is. Ravenna may introduce herself as sweet and nice to people who she could use later on (basically a false exterior), but to others, she might show right off the bat that she’s dominant and expects nothing but obedience. So the way she introduces herself depends on who she’s introducing herself to. But most of the time, she starts off friendly, only to show more of her true colors later on.

Is your character in love?



Would your character die in order to save someone?


No, she wouldn’t.

Does your character believe in karma or do they think they have to take matters into their own hands?


My character strongly believes in Karma.

Does your character believe in reincarnation?


I don’t think she does.

Does your character have a high or low self-esteem?


High self-esteem

Is your character self-dependent?


Yes, definitely. 100%.

Does your character have a religion?


Yes, he is Muslim.

Does your character support LGBT?


She has nothing against them, but she wouldn’t advocate for them either. She’s just neutral, because she could care less. She never cares about anything unless it directly affects her, which it doesn’t.

Does your character often confuse justice with revenge?


What can affect your character’s mood?


Ravenna rarely lets something affect her mood physically, because even if her mood is affected internally, she won’t show it externally. If she’s pissed, but she wants to hide it, no one will know. Very few things would actually change the way she’s feeling, because she doesn’t feel as many emotions as a normal human should.

Does your character have an opinion on politics?



Is your character scared of ghosts?