Character Q&A


No, not really.

If your character could only keep one loved one in their life and all the others die, who would your character choose to keep?


My character will die instead

If your character will able to kill someone and she will not get any punishment in the future, who will she kill?


I honestly don’t think Ravenna has it in her to kill. She can be cruel, heartless, and plain sadistic sometimes, but I don’t think she’d go far enough to take someone’s life. Even if she hated the person.

If your character could have anything they wanted in the world, what would they choose and why?


Jasmine would move to Paris and marry Elliot. She would also want to reunite with her father who took off to Paris when she was 5.

Is your character addicted to anything?


Julian is addicted to beer and cigarettes.

What’s your character’s favorite movie and why?


My character’s favorite movie is Harry Potter. Because it took him to the imagination world, make him believe in magic.

What kind of movies your character will never watch?


Rom-coms. Ravenna avoids them like the plague.

What is one genre your character hates?


Horror. But my story genre is paranormal :rofl:

Can you and your character become friends?


No. Not in a million years. Ravenna is the type of person I’d avoid like the plague. There’s always that crowd that I tend to avoid at school and Ravenna would definitely be one of them. I wouldn’t even be able to look at her, much less be her friend. :joy:

Can your character juggle?


Dom would juggle, and then break a vase next to him.

Can your character write in cursive?


You can bet that Ravenna and Draven’s cursive writing is beautiful. Winston and Griffin would attempt to, but it’ll just look like a kindergartener trying their hardest to spell out their first name.

If your character had to give up one good thing in their life, what would they give up?


One good thing. Nicole would probably give up something about her appearance. I don’t know what. Elena would give up her job. Dom would give up his clothes or something.

Would your character make consipiracy theories?



Does your character love to sing?


Nicole loves to sing.

What would your character wish for at a wishing well?


Peace for the world

If your character gets a chance to make three wishes come true, what your character will wish?


Nicole: 1) To get rid of Colin 2) To be reunited with her family. 3) To just be happy.

Does your character resemble anyone?



Does your character have a twin?


No, but Nicole has two siblings. Hell, they aren’t even close to her in age.

Does your character have siblings?


Mandy wishes but, with her mother dead she doubts thats going to happen anytime soon.

What is your characters favorite band?


I don’t think Nicole has a favorite band. She didn’t listen to music much after she got married.

Which cuisines does your character like?