Character Q&A


Mandy, before her home became a battle ground, had loved Mexican and Japanese food. Present day she enjoys the combination of random foods she finds. One was actual Indian cuisine, hot from a fire and a little old but good.

What is Something that is really weird about your character?


Something really weird… Oh. Colin abuses Nicole and all that, including constantly telling her that no one wants her and that she will never be loved. Deep down, he can’t live without her.

Does your character have a legal guardian?


As of right now Mandy’s only legal guardian is MIA and all adults she has come across are trying to hurt her in some way or are injured.

What unique trait that your character have/had?


Oh no! Poor Mandy! And it’s not too unique, but Nicole has blonde hair and blue-green eyes. She’s a carbon copy of AnnaSophia Robb. Elena has this unique ability to sniff out other people’s BS from a mile away.

Does your character take care of themselves?


Mandy had been taught how to care for herself. Shes still trying to figure out what to do as of enemy wise but all she does is run for the moment.

If your character had one thing they could do what would it be?


Jasmine would love to go to Paris to either travel or live there.

Is your character from another time period or present day?


Present day, but mid 2000s.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how crazy is your character?


Dom: 7. Nicole: Depends on her mood. Elena: 89710857019285702598710958791025.

Which character would make everything depressing?


Bella’s a sweet girl, but she doesn’t exactly have a happy-go-lucky personality, and the emotional baggage is strong with this one, so yes, but not intentionally.

Does your character believe in any superstition?



Would your character donate an organ?


Griffin and Daphne would. Ravenna would never, because she thinks she’s too valuable. She’s vain AF. Winston would be hesitant, but he probably would.

Would your character support the death penalty?


Depends on what the person did.

Has your character ever loved anyone?


Winston, yes. Griffin loves his family, but in terms of romantic love, no. Draven, no (family, yes). Ravenna, no, but she’s cared for someone to an extent. It wasn’t love though, because she treated him like shit and wasn’t even a bit heartbroken when they broke up. (You’ll learn about both Winston and Ravenna’s love lives in SOS.)

Has your character ever ditched class?


Hmmm… and dude, I’m sure Elena ditched class at some point in her school life. Probably a math class or something like that. But I assure you it’s happened.

Does your character like to try different cuisines?


Ravenna generally likes familiarity, but it’s food, so she’s more lenient with trying different food every now and then. Winston would totally, because he would eat anything. Griffin loves experimenting, especially when it comes to foreign food. Draven also likes experimenting, so yes.

What is your character’s ethnicity/ethnicities?


The Wilson siblings are half Venezuelan because Tanya’s from Venezuela. The other half is Scottish, German, and a drop of Norwegian from Robert. Colin… I’ve never gone into that. Nicole’s best friend, Nina, is Bosnian.

Would your character mistreat a family member?


Winston’s mother, Maurice’s father, Ravenna’s father. Oh man, no wonder they’re all messed up… Ravenna would never intentionally (Wow, Ravenna being decent for once?). Winston would want to, but despite his anger and bitterness towards his family, he doesn’t have it in him to retaliate the same pain he lived with his entire life. Griffin, definitely not. Draven, no. Maurice would only towards his father, but never his mother.

Would your character cry watching a movie?


What a shock. And I assure you, when Nicole is watching “A Walk to Remember,” she’ll be sobbing by the end. She’ll be like “NO NOT JAMIE! SHE AND LANDON WERE SUPPOSED TO LIVE HAPPILY TOGETHER! THIS ISN’T FAIR! ARGH!”

Would your character bribe someone?


Ravenna bribed her P.E. teacher to pass her with a low B, even though she ditched P.E. class most of the time. How else did she get a 3.8 GPA? Maurice is connected to some big names in American politics, so yes, he’s bribed plenty of peeps.

Would your character pay someone to kidnap someone?


If Nicole escaped, then Colin would pay someone to idnap her so that he could have her again. That prick

Would your character kidnap someone itself?