Character Q&A


Cain would if he had to. But he wouldn’t treat them like an object.

Would your character be willing to work as a sex worker if they were desperate for money?


Absolutely not. They’re too prideful.

Would your character go into the showbusiness field?


If the country hadn’t been turned to shit then yes. She would have been a great actor!

How woulld your character(s) react to having their most precious and loved thing or person taken away?


If they were kidnapped, Jasmine would cry for days. If they were dead, she’d bring them back to life.

Would your character steal bread for their family if they were homeless and had no money?



What is the funniest memory that your character has?


Griffin’s was probably running into a metal pole head first, even if it hurt like Hell.

If your character could choose which body part to lose in an accident, what would they choose and why?


Jasmine would love to lose her heart so she wouldn’t be able to have feelings ever again.

What is something your character finds annoying?


People who act like they’re her equals.

What is your character’s pet peeve?


Julian hates it when people call him “imature” and ask him to “grow up”.

What is your character’s biggest dream?


Her biggest dream is to get out of the situation she’s in, find her family, and start a new life, free from all drama.

Would your character fall in love?


“Would” could be taken in more than one way. Would Ravenna fall in love? Probably not. Is she capable of it? Yes, but it’s gonna take a lot for that to happen. Would Winston fall in love? He definitely could and he has. Griffin totally would fall in love very quickly. Draven is like Ravenna in the sense that it’s less likely, but they’re nonetheless capable of falling in love.

Would your character be willing to go on a blind date?


Nicole would be a little bit antsy, considering the last time she went on something “blind” was her wedding. The morning after her graduation, her mom told her that she was getting married, and that same night, she got her married. She didn’t even get to see Colin once before walking down the aisle. So, she’d do it, but it would take a lot of convincing.

Has your character ran for student body?


No. There isnt one really at Ryan’s elementary school. In secondary there is, but he gets shipped off to space before then, anyway.

What is your character’s biggest fear? Do they ever overcome it?


Nicole’s biggest fear is her husband. Since day one of their marriage, he’s abused her, attempted to brainwash her, taken advantage of her, and starved her to a certain extent. Nicole is absolutely scared of him. It would be a spoiler if she ever overcomes it.

How does your character react under stress?


Ryan tries to take somw time alone to sort out his thoughts. If the stress / anxiety doesn’t leave, he’ll often pace or do training or play a simulation, anything to get his mind focused on something else.

What kind of music does your character like?


I don’t think they really care.

What is your character’s favorite TV show?


There’s no TV in space unfortunately.

Would your character risk their life to protect another person? Would your character risk their life to protect a stranger?


The Wilson siblings would do anything for each other. They’re so closely knit and they love each other so much, that they’d do anything for each other.

What is your character’s ethnicity?


Ryan is Caucasian American :/. But my favorite character is has a Chinese background, though she lives on Mars.

What is your character’s happiest memory


Jasmine’s happiest memories come from anything that has to do with her and her father before he took off.

Does you character have a hobby?