Character Q&A


Ravenna is cruel, unremorseful when she hurts someone, actively seeks to hurt some people, and doesn’t stop until she gets revenge.

What are your character’s weaknesses?


Ryan can be impulsive, and is extremely loyal. He is also obsessive and generally doesnt like sharing his thoughts, which can be a problem.

Where would your character go on vacation?


She’s been there a million times, but I don’t think she ever gets tired of France.

What is your character’s dream date?


Julian isn’t keen on going on dates, so none.
What is your character’s greatest skill?


Jasmine has the skill of being social as she is an extrovert.

What does your character have the most knowledge in?


Being able to read body language and how to detect sincerity in comparison to a facade.

What is one thing your character would never tell anyone else?


That would be a spoiler :slight_smile:

If your character could go back and redo one thing in the past, what would it be?


That’s also a major spoiler. :blush:

What is your character’s favorite color?


Nicole: red. Elena: green. Dom: orange.

Would your character sue someone for a million dollars?


Yes, if the issue was serious enough that they’d sue for that much money.

Would your character trust a family member they barely knew?


Would your character trust a stranger?


“Trust” is not a conceit she even understands. She might interpret such a thing as ‘having no choice but to relent control to another.’

Would your character betray someone to achieve thier goals?


Jasmine wouldn’t betray anyone, but she would distance herself from loved ones like George.

Would your character know what do if there was a fire?


Get out. Grab what’s important. Act quickly. Don’t panic.

Is your character willing to be a follower?


Jasmine wants to do her own thing. As time goes on, she’ll learn to be a leader.

Would your character rat someone out for doing something illegal?


No, because her father does illegal things and she is surrounded by people who do illegal things. Plus, she does some things she shouldn’t be doing either, so she has no appreciation for those who don’t know how to keep silent.

If your character could dye (or highlight) their hair any color, what would it be?


Well, Nicole was forced to dye her hair to a brown color when she married Colin. She misses her blonde hair. But if she got any highlights whatsoever, she’d probably do like light pink, or blue highlights. Elena would do blue, because it matches her eyes.

Would your character listen to Indian music?


He’s opened to all kind of music.
Does your character eat a lot?


What is more important for your character money or success?


Success is the most important thing to Darius. He wants to survive basically.

Will your character be happy someday?