Character Q&A


Yes but not so sure.
If there comes a moment to your character they have to choose between honesty and their loved one’s life, which will choose?


Their loved one’s life 100% percent.

Q: When it’s time to make a life changing decision, does the decision come easily to your character?


Um… depends on what the decision is

Has your character ever cheated on someone?


Ravenna technically has, kind of.

Has your character ever stolen money?


I don’t think so.

Would your character sue someone?


Most definitely, yes.

Would your character pretend to cheat on someone, just to get them upset?


Huh… I’m sure Colin would do that, just to prove that Nicole truly loves him (even though she doesn’t).

What kind of mindset does your character have?


Ravenna kinda has this mindset where it’s either “with me or against me”. So either someone’s her ally or they’re her enemy (but even if they are an ally, she still wouldn’t trust them completely). She also thinks success is measured by the amount of control one has over a larger audience. (Like say, a CEO.) The success isn’t about the money or the happiness to her; it’s about the power and how long you could hold on to it. Life’s also a large game that most people don’t realize, which is why they get eaten up and controlled in the food chain.

What is your character’s relationship with their extended family?


Nicole… I don’t know if she’s met Colin’s mom or brother. I think Colin’s estranged from his brother… I think his mom isn’t alive anymore. He hates his dad though. Oh Tanya’s family feels so bad for Robert lol.

Would your character hate their mother in law?


Lol, same. Depends on how the mother-in-law is. Ravenna would have no reason to hate her unless she provided her a reason to. And she’s not married yet, so answering for any of the teens is harder. Richard only met Cosima’s mother once or twice and seems to like her. Cosima never met Richard’s mother, because she died when Richard was very young.

If your character found out their sibling and their lover hooked up behind their back, how would they react?


The thing is, I don’t think that Elena and Nicole’s lover would ever hook up. Ever. Elena knows better. Dom wouldn’t do it either. They’re both happy. I think if Colin found out Nicole was cheating on him with his brother, he’d kill both of them. Probably literally.

Does your character have self respect?


Ravenna does. Winston does not. Griffin, yes, to an extent. Draven, yes.

Does your character feel that they were abandoned?


Nah not really. Tanya “abandoned” Nicole, but Robert, Elena, and Dom made up for that. Elena was the mom that Nicole never had.

Would your character inherit health problems from their family?


Mental health, probably. Physically? I hope not…

Would your character be willing to trust a long lost sibling they never met?


Yes, somewhat conditionally though. Probably depends a ton on initial impressions and character. Ryan can be pretty trusting.

What personality type is your character?


Ravenna’s ESTJ, Winston’s ISFP, and Daphne’s ENFP. I haven’t done the test for the other characters.

What is your character’s blood type?


Without giving spoilers, I’ll just say that Jasmine has some really amazing blood. Not sure what her blood type is.

Is your character young with an old soul?


She’s older than her years, but I wouldn’t say her soul itself is old. Her mind is older, but not her soul, because I think that despite her wit and intelligence, she still hasn’t experienced some aspects of life to say that she truly understands it.

What fascinates your character?


Jasmine is fascinated with the idea of Paris.

What is something you characters like, but others don’t?


Ravenna likes seeing people suffer because of what she did to them, especially in emotional pain, something most people would not take pleasure in.

If your character could wipe someone from existence, who would it be and why?