Character Q&A


Tai would wipe himself from existence because he has terrible survivor’s guilt but is too afraid of death.

Who is your character’s favorite person, and why?


Percy’s favourite person is his late grandma he calls Nana and he loves every stupid thing about her. He likes to revisit points in time where she’s still alive.

What is your character’s least favorite food?


Wren hates eating bananas. She would rather die than eat one.

What is you character’s pet peeve?


Tai hates when people continue to talk to him even after he ignores them. Helloooo he does not want to talk to you! haha

What does your character think about unicorns?


They wish they could meet a unicorn.
What does your character think about the Harry Potter universe?


They’re all Potterheads.

Has your character dyed their hair?



What is your character’s zodiac sign?


Oof, I didn’t consider their birthdays. I have to find out

Does your character have any family health issues?


Mental health, I think yes. Physical, I can’t really say, because it dips into some minor spoilers.

What is your character’s favorite time of the year?


Nicole’s is any time when Colin has a business trip. Elena and Dom’s is probably Christmas

Which character hates Christmas?


Probably Winston, because he’s reminded of how much his family hates him (it’s really just his mom) and how he has no one who cares for him (not entirely true, but it feels like it).

If your character could live in any city in the world, which would it be?


Nicole would live in Hamburg, Germany. I think Dom would live in Munich, Germany. Elena would live in Antwerp, Belgium. Robert would live in Oslo, Norway. Tanya would live in Caracas, Venezuela. Colin… probably Krakow, Poland

Would your character live in Antarctica?


They’re Californian, so no, because they’d die within 5 seconds. XD

Would your character play a mean prank on someone on their birthday?



How much does you character like spaghetti?


Kai thinks spaghetti is okay, but kinda messy.

What kind of colored aura would your character have, if such a thing existed?


Oooh. Nicole would have a red-orange-yellow thing, because she’s like a Phoenix. She can rise from the ashes after being burnt down. Elena would have some sort of bright color thing to her, as she’s a bold person. Dom would have neutral colors, as he’s a subtle person.

What would your character trade in for something better?


Sol? Anything, lmao, he doesn’t have much of value, and nothing superbly important to him. Medicines, I guess, since he’s an apothecary’s assistant.

Is your character a tea or coffee person?


Coffee… they all love coffee.

Is your character a polyglot?


Kerry knows two languages (mandarin and english) and is learning another… does that count? The rest of my characters really only know a couple or just one.

What would your character’s favorite school subject be?


(yes it counts). Nicole’s would be anything language related, or finance related. She’s a natural at managing money and keeping track of it. Elena’s is probably anything science related. Physics, chemistry, biology… but then, she also loves business. Dom’s is marketing. Huge marketing guy.

Would your character have kids?