Character Q&A


I think Ryan would like to, eventually … Kerry’s unsure and reluctant at this point and hasn’t really thought that far ahead.

If your character could pick one place to vacation to, anywhere in the world, where would it be?


The moon probably, or another galaxy since space travel is now a thing.

How does your character feel about their name?


Ravenna loves herself (too much to the point of vanity) and her name is a part of her, so she likes that too.

What would be on your character’s bucket list?


Everything lol

Would your character have Tinder?


No, since the only person he likes is Mai.

Does your character like hot cheetos?


@SVTSwrites: I don’t think any of them would. There are two types of characters: the ones who aren’t looking for a relationship and the ones who only want intercourse. The former’s choice is obviously a no. The latter would might have an account, but not in active search for a relationship. The ones actually in that category are Ravenna, Maurice, and sometimes Winston, all of whom do not want a romantic relationship, so they might make an account just to find hookup partners, but never use it. Plus, Ravenna and Maurice already attract the opposite gender the way honey draws flies, so I doubt they’d need it.

@Michuyu: Ravenna doesn’t like spicy foods, so no. But Griffin might, even though his tongue is sensitive.

On a scale of 1-10, how much does your character need therapy?


Oof this is difficult … Kai actually probably has a pretty low number currently, since he’s already had some therapy so 3? Bee is maybe a 6, Mia is more like a 4-5, and Scott is probably closer to 8.

What would your character’s spirit animal be?


Tai’s spririt animal would be a turtle. :turtle: Protective and calm and chill. xD


Oops I forgot to ask a question lol

How would your character describe themself?


A mess.

Give me three words to describe your character?


Ravenna: Vindictive, vain, manipulative.

Winston: Bitter, angry, compassionate.

Griffin: Cinnamon roll, happy.

Draven: Smart, responsible, sensible.

Maurice: Hot, rich, douchebag.

If your character had a Youtube channel, what would their videos be about?


Casey: Probably comentary videos, think Cody Ko, Danny Gonzalez

Juliet: Idk, probably a bunch on nonsense meme videos

Stella: makeup

your character just won the lottery. what would they buy/do first?


Put it all in the bank

What business would your character run?


Margo would want to Sabrina run her new Publishing Company.

Does your character consider themselves smart?


Ravenna thinks she’s the most brilliant girl in the world. While she may not actually be, she’s definitely very smart.

If your character was an animal/flower/object, what would best represent them and why?


Mia would be a doe. She’s really shy and sweet, and also dainty. Plus, she has big doe eyes. Scott would probably be a dog, Bee would be like … hmm, a lioness? Kai would be a merlin.

Is your character good at cooking?


Lol, not at all. Most of them don’t know how to cook.

Does your character have a pet peeve?


Nicole’s is Colin. Colin has so many pet peeves that I’ve lost count. Elena’s is entitlement. Dom’s is probably when you spit water out of your mouth after you’re done brushing, and it gets on the mirror. Hates that.

Which character would read 50 Shades of Grey?


Maurice probably would and would be both intrigued about the relationship dynamic and amused at the same time.

Which character is never embarassed?


Elena… that girl is so bull- headed and confident that she almost never gets embarrassed.

Would your character get contacts?