Character Q&A


No, because they generally have good eyesight. And Draven doesn’t even use his reading glasses much, so contacts would be very unnecessary.

Would your character ever go back to a toxic relationship after it ended?


Oh man, if Nicole ever got out of the relationship with Colin, she’d run and never look back. I swear. If he ever approaches her in real life, she will RUN in the opposite way. No one would go back to a toxic relationship.

Would your character ever get into a toxic relationship?


Every relationship Ravenna’s ever been in was toxic. And 99% of the time, it was her fault. That small 1% was a mutual toxicity.

How many relationships has your character been in?


Good question. Nicole was in a good 2 or three before Colin. Elena was in 3 before her fiance. Dom was in 4.

Would your character cheat on someone?


Ravenna technically did in a way, even if that wasn’t her intention. I guess that’s open for debate, because what she did wasn’t with intention, but her BF wasn’t okay with it. Some people are split between the real definition of cheating; some say it depends on the person’s intentions and others say it depends on how the SO feels about it. So it depends on how you view it. But would she intentionally? Yes, she would, but only if the person wronged her and she wanted vengeance. But if she had no reason to, then no, she wouldn’t. Winston, Draven, Griffin, and Cain have morals too strong for them to do such a thing. Maurice wouldn’t be bothered by cheating on someone, but chances of him doing so are low if it’s a short term relationship. If it’s a long term relationship, then he probably would, but he’s never been long-term before, so he hasn’t cheated. Yet.

How would your character react if their lover was crying?


Dom would comfort Lara (his fiance) and just give her hugs and kisses. Nicole would try to talk to them. Elena would be like “Siri, how do you talk to an upset person without getting turned away?”

Would your character use Google Translate to cheat on homework?


Ravenna wouldn’t, because she likes doing things herself. Winston totally would. Griffin totally would. Draven is like Ravenna and would just do it himself.

On average, how long will your character hold a grudge?


Elena will hold a grudge until the end of time. I swear, that girl never lets go of anything. On her deathbed, she’ll be like “don’t invite insert name because they were really mean.” Dom will hold a grudge for a week, then let it go. Nicole never holds grudges. She only does when someone REALLY screwed up.

On a scale of one to ten, how much does your character whine?


Sol is like a 1. He’s the one telling people to shut up and stop complaining.

What would your character’s boggart be?


Something in the form of failure or her father degrading her, telling her she isn’t good enough and that she’s a disgrace.

On a scale of 1-10, how social is your character?

  1. While not popular, Jasmine knows plenty of people and will socialize with them.

How does your character feel about their parents?


Ravenna has a decent relationship with her mother, but thinks her father is some figure to worship, despite the fact that he’s super toxic.

If your character had a time machine to go back and change one thing in their life, what would they change and why?


Eleanor (Ella) would go back and change a traumatic event in her past. She wouldn’t stop it from happening but she would change how it happened and how she handled it.

If your character had only the option of eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or waffles for the rest of their life which would they choose?


Alexandria would happily eat every single waffle in sight.

If your character could have any superpower in the world, what would their power be?


Invisibility for Nicole for sure. Elena would have mind reading. Dom would have flying.

What is your character’s desired look?


The exact way she looks right now, because she’s conceited.

Does your character have a middle name? If so, what is it?


Jasmine does not have a middle name.

Does your character have any pets?


Yes, Ravenna has a pony named Penny, but she only sees her once a week or sometimes less.

If your character could change one thing about themself, what would it be and why?


Jasmine would probably change her image. She hates how she looks even though she’s already beautiful.

Is your character full of wisdom?


The whole Wilson family is wise.

Is your character in a relationship?