Character Q&A


Ryan is … not yet. He will be. In six years.

Can your character swim? And are they a good swimmer?


Good question. I’m almost positive that Elena can swim. I don’t know about the others.

Does your character know their ancestry?


Yes, briefly, but not in depth.

What is your character’s talent?


Kai is an absolutely amazing pianist … though he does need someone to press the pedals for him. He also has perfect pitch, and is generally extremely musical.

When is your character’s birthday?


4th April. I haven’t think about the birth year.

Do you know how years old will be your character when he will die?


Yes, I do.

Who is your character closest to?


He is closest to his friends and his family. All are equally important to him.

Does your character believe in magic?



Does your character like to draw?


Does your character occasionally see nightmares?


Oh man, Nicole has nightmares almost every night that Colin isn’t home. It can get awful sometimes.

Has your character been to therapy?


Does your character have a mental illness?


Not yet, but $10 that Nicole will have anxiety and PTSD after everything.

Which character would have PTSD?


Is there any character in your story who is a victim of abuse?


Yes. Nicole’s husband regularly abuses her. The Wilson siblings’ mother, Tanya, was basically verbally abusive to all of them.

What are your characters’ ethnicities?


Jasmine is half French since since dad came from France.

Is your character afraid to die?


Nicole isn’t afraid to die at all. She’s like a phoenix. She rises from the ashes after being burnt down. She isn’t afraid to die, because she will fight and claw till the end.

Would your character do something for a million dollars?


Clark is a billionaire so it would honestly just depend on what something was. He wouldn’t do something that he didn’t want to do for a million dollars.

Would your character willingly go backpacking/camping in the woods and with no technology?


Jasmine would have a hard time with that. So no.

Where does your character see themselves in 5 years?