Character Q&A


In one of my stories, yes. The one I talked about with Nicole and Colin is called Phoenix, and it hasn’t been published yet. But in my romance novel, I Never Imagined, one of my FMCs, Sophia, is based off of me personality wise. A big difference in Sophia and I is our ethnicities. She’s French, Italian, Greek, and English. I’m Indian.

Would your character buy lottery tickets?


No, Ravenna takes pride in the fact that all the money that her family has is inherited, but nonetheless earned and not won. She would rather work her ass off for little pay than to be given a reward for free.

Under what circumstance would your character be willing to murder?


Willing to murder… dude, I’m telling you, if Dom wouldn’t get arrested, and if Robert didn’t kill him, then he would actually kill Colin. With his bare hands.

Would your character drink themselves to death?


No, my character doesn’t drink.

Does your character will do the business of drugs.


Nope. They wouldn’t dare. Even Colin wouldn’t do it, and that says something.

Would your character literally shove food down your throat?


That goes into the territory of physical violence, so for Ravenna, no, that’s extremely unlikely, unless she completely snapped. Winston would, but hopefully, he wouldn’t go that far, because that can very well cause the person to literally choke to death.

Would your character be willing to cheat if they hated their current significant other and couldn’t leave the relationship?


Never. My character believes in commitment.

Is there any person whom your character desperately wants to meet?



does your character have blue or brown eyes?


meet for the first time? mm not really

Does your character like pasta?


Dark brown…actually we called it black eyes.
My character never ate pasta. But I think he would like.

What is the favorite subject of your character?



What does your character think about the most?


Ravenna always thinks about Inquisitors meetings, when the next one is scheduled, what its purpose is, etc. She also contemplates about her decisions whether or not to keep certain members.

What does your character want most?


How he can become a good human.

What kind of photography your character likes? Street, fashion, nature or everything?


Happiness and a good life full of adventures

Where does your character want to visit the most?


All the places she wanted to go she’s already been to, but she loves France and Italy.

What is your character’s internal motive?


Motive for? life? I guess just not wanting to die yet. There are still things she wants to experience

What would yourcharacter live for and what or who would they die for?


She’d live for a legacy and die for no one.

What is one thing your character regrets?


she regrets not taking advantage of the small moments and memories she makes with others

Where did your character grow up?


In a rural village.

If your character gets a chance to interview a celebrity, which celebrity it will be?


Any. They’d do any

Which country would your character visit?