Character Reactions



This is a simple game, although already played plenty of times here’s a fun variation.

One person writes some dialogue text, and the next person writes their character’s reply to that dialogue, and they add their own dialogue for the next person to reply to, and so on.

Example -

“Tell me, tiny, wanna fight me?”


reaction -
“Excuse me? Is that even a f*cking question?”

react to -
“I’m so sorry, but… you’re dying.”


reaction -
“You’re kidding, right? Oh… how long do I have?”

react to -
“Your beauty is burning my eyes.”


For the first person…

“Holy cow! Are you a God or something!?”


“No, bitch. I’m a Goddess. Get it right.”


I love it! XD Now write some dialogue for someone else to respond to.


Oh! I at first thought it was an ongoing conversation.

React to: “Are you joking or just plain retarded?”


All good! XD I’m not good at explaining things…

“I’m going to be honest here… yes. Yes I am.”

“Death is inevitable.”


“I’d hope so. Living forever would not be pleasurable.”

“You have something stuck in your teeth.”


“Would you prefer a more intimate inspection to your observation?”

“Why do you look so upset?”


“Why do you care?”

“Lovely day, isn’t it?”


“Unless you count how my whole life is nothing but shit, yeah, then I guess you’re right.”

“Why do you hate animals so much?”


“Because you’re a f*cking animal, a dog! And… I am too.”

“Something tells me you have something to say to me?”


“Okay, that is super rude. Although, against both of us… I guess.”

“You wanna go get some chips?”


“I’m confused, what are ‘chips’?” (It’s a fantasy story.)

“What’s your problem?”


“My problem is I’m too good for this world. A shame, really. I do like a bit of competition. Send some my way, won’t you?”

React to: “Life is sad sometimes.”


“Tell me something I don’t know. My world, as I know it, is going to be destroyed in three days. I guess I can try to stop it, though.”

React to: “I don’t know why, but I want to kill you.”


“Oh, really? That’s cool. I’m sure hundreds are thinking the same thing, but none have the damn courage to say it. Thanks for the honesty. Warning though: people have been swinging at me for years, but they always seem to miss.”

React to: “Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.”


“I’m so glad Destina didn’t know that. Trying to control somebody won’t shut them up. It won’t reverse what they already did.”

React to: “Here she is. Legendary criminal. I’ve finally found her.”


“Her?! How dare you assume my gender? Winston, tell the policemen I’m a guy! Come on, I’ve been on “Wanted” posters for years! Are you saying they got my gender wrong the whole time?!”

React to: “Something in your eyes tell me you’re a sociopath.”


“Not quite, but you’re pretty close.”

RT: “But you’re dead!”


“Evidently not? Unless you mean dead inside, in which case, it’s true but you shouldn’t say it.”

RT: “If you didn’t do it, then why are you laughing?”


“I’m laughing because you’re stupid.”

React to: “Are you, like, deaf?”