Character Reactions



“I’M A DUDE!!! You, on the other hand, would definitely make it work.”

RT: jumps out of plane “Do you remember if these parachutes work?”


Regan: “That was your job!”
Talia: “No-ooo – I told you to check!”
Regan: “Don’t–”
Jasiah: “Can we stop the sibling fight right there AND FOCUS ON THE FACT THAT WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE?!?!”
Talia: “Oh relax.” magically teleports them to the ground

React to: “Come out, come out, wherever you are~”


“Buddy, I’ve got two modified steam powered Smith N’ Wesson revolvers over here and I’m one helluva shot, so really, you should be running as far away as possible right about now” Ray called from down the hall.

RT: “Here at jurassic park, we go to extreme measures to ensure the T-Rexs never get out. Even the newborns are the most dangerous animals known to ma-OH MY GOD!” The character’s tourguide said, staring at the gaping hole in the fence of the Tyrannasaur’s enclosure.


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awkward pause
Regan: “Um we should probably go–”
Talia: ignores and goes hunting for the T-Rex

RT: forgetting it was picture day


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“What a waste.”

React to: the character’s favourite show being cancelled


Talia: “No, no, no no no --”
Regan: grabs Jasiah and backs slowly out of the room
Regan: hears a really loud crash
Talia: pauses “…I’ll buy you a new one!”
Jasiah: “Wait was that my tv?”

React to: “Back away slowly with your hands in the air.”


“…it wasn’t me, it was him! Him, the boy with strawberry blonde hair and…”
“You do realize your describing yourself?”
“Oh, just be quiet Phoenix.”
“But, you are describing yourself, and it was not my fault that you…kind of…” gestures to rubble on the ground"blew up a building."
officer out of frustration arrests them

RT: “I will take over the world with…rabbits!”


Talia: slaps Regan “I told not to drink that stuff!”

React to: “You’ve always been the only one.”


Mandy giggles,“Yeah right!”

RT: “You are not worthy of me”


Tyr: Oh ho, my, did you just say that? Oh I’m sooo sorry I’m not worthy of you and your bar that’s probably etches in cuts from the days you’ve been a virgin. I mean, I’m not exactly sore, just thought I’d ask, but hey, thanks for saving me the trouble of having to figure out what kind of person you were. What person you may ask? Well, I’ll just say it’s the kind of person that is just asking to step on something sharp because she’s too busy doing some heel turn at the others trying to be nice because ‘she don’ need that stuff’ and promptly fall on her face because apparently looks are everything. Oh, and one more thing, be original, that line is clearly cliche. Here, I’ll do it for you. Ahem…“You see, when it comes to you and me…you’re like an ocean crevice to my oasis water”

RT: “Kiss me!”


that burn though

Mandy shakes he head and runs.

RT: Bella kills Edward


Jasiah: “Finally! Something interesting!”
Talia: “You go girl! Why did you kill him, though?”
Regan: “He was too pretty.”

React to: "You’re going downnn!"


“Well duh. We are in an elevator, silly.”

React to: “Send in everyone!”


Mandy smiles," HELL YEAH!! OORAH!"

RT: “We are under attack!”


Ray, wide eyed, rolls out of bed and runs out of his quarters, slamming open his door as he ran. “By who!? The Kabanaro, the Rilen Raiders, the Lagnappians, the Tenebris!?” Ray asked as he burst into the command citadel of his ship. “Christ almighty a lot of people want us dead” Ray mumbled as he looked to his Lieutenants.

Instead of seeing his trusted advisors, he saw two children standing on a stool, playing with the alarm console, and staring at Ray wide eyed.


RT: Gets a call “Hey, is this, ummm, (Character’s name)? You see, I, uhh, called to ask whether the dog I just ran over is your’s or not.”


“ What color is it? Cause last time I checked my dog was dead.”click

Rt: “Why in the world did you kill the prime minister of France?!”


steps back “I didn’t kill him, I was in fact trying to find the killer…” glares “Why on earth did you think I murdered him? I’m a detective.” shows badge

RT: “Don’t you wish you could ever have your hair change colors daily?”


Talia: “No. I love my hair the way it is.”
Regan: “It’s really… uh, long.”
Talia: tosses hair. it hits Regan in the face. “Whoops.”

React to: “DUCK!”