Character Reactions



“WHERE!” Holly screamed as a book hit her face and she fell to the floor." oh…that kind of duck."

RT: When you hear a random scream from a dark alley way.


“Not my problem” Ray said as he walked by, not even glancing into the alley.

RT: “Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?”


“No but it will hurt when I drag you to hell”She said as she grabbed the persons leg.
RT:” When are you going to grow up?”


Tyr: Maybe when you actually have something to say that isn’t just spouting out dumbness. I mean, perhaps I’m youthful and whimsical, and maybe that’s why I’m more attractive than you in the eyes of others. You maybe could benefit being more youthful and flexible than the rod of cold stone you’ve wound up to be. So what if I’m carefree? Beats being you.

RT: “Snap out of it!”


“Snap out of what??” Valentina hissed, “I’m not exactly the one who has just drunk their weight in wine!!”

RT: Their friend has fallen up the stairs


They drop to the floor laughing .”Your such an Idiot!”

RT:Finding your lover with your brother.


Screams at the woman until she leaves before berating her brother for being such a slapper

RT: Coping with a drunk acquaintance after a night out?


“You need to stop drinking my vodka cabinet”he said as he throws Leo on the coach.

RT: “ Dude, I know this is an all you can eat buffet but you don’t need to eat everything here!”


Regan: “Yes,” stuffing his face "I do. Who knows when the next time we won’t be dealing with a magical something-or-other is?

RT: “I’m done. We’re done.”


“What do you mean we are done? I’m pregnant with your child!”

RT: “Who are you?”


“Jesus Chris-I’m Captain A. Ray motherfuckin’ Rullero! I’ve saved your sorry asses ten times over and I still get asked this” Ray said, mumbling the last part as he faced the group of civilians under his protection.

RT: You’re character hears a child say “Daddy/Mommy, there’s a monster under my bed!” from their bedroom, and they don’t have a kid.


Mephiles: E-excuse me?..Why is a kid in my room for one, and secondly why are they calling me their parents? … Am…am I overworking myself? This hasn’t happened before, some illusion maybe? Prank? Trick?..Maybe I need to sit down. It’s okay, I’ll figure this out, and when I do, I’ll probably kill Tyr for doing this trick. And if it isn’t him…I’ll just beat him up to let out a little frustration at working so hard that I start seeing my kids not kids in my bedroom.

RT: looking in the mirror and are wearing clown makeup in the reflection despite not wearing it in real life.


“Grrr…everyone thinks I am a clown now this mirrors does too!” decides to replace the mirror

RT: “Your a demigod, (insert character’s name)”


awkward pause
Talia: “Actually, no, I’m not.”

React to: walking into an abandoned ghost town at midnight


Ray whispers “Where’re the Ghostbusters when you need em” as he aimed his revolver at a building where he heard laughing coming from within.

RT: “Grenade!”


Mandy gasps grabbing it throwing it before ducking letting it explode



Tyr: Now to just sit back, have my drink within reach, and enjoy the show.

RT: getting splashed by a wave of water while in the desert


“What the–, hey, I want more of that! In a cup this time!”

React to: Fish swimming in the dirt


“What happened to the water? We need to get water.”

React to: Clowns dancing at the bank.


Katherine asks, “何?” before trying to get them to leave

React to: Meeting a clone of themself